For goodness sake

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

and for the sake of our planet, STOP bloody using plastic!

I know. I know. It's tough, it's everywhere and gifted to us by industry. It's in everything!

What set me off?

Yesterday, it was tedious food shop time and could I find a cauliflower NOT covered in plastic? Could I hell!

I was in 'Wholefoods' of all places. Generally, I can and do get my fresh produce plastic free. It's a little challenge I've set myself.

Also annoying, given the now severe allergy I have to gluten, the butchers counter told me their sausages aren't GF friendly. Erm........but last week you told me they were?

I have food production and plastic on my mind, now and it just won't go away!

At home, we've taken to watching a lot of documentaries online when we travel, usually the BBC. Last night we watched the 'War on Plastics' doco. Please do watch it, if you get the chance! It's disappointing how Macdonalds fail miserably to answer a request from two wonderful, eco warrior, little girls!

Shame on them.

I won't say anymore.

Anyway, the whole programme left me with an unexpected feeling of doom, which maybe woke me up?

Once you watch the usual famous tv personalities, dig deep into where it all goes, you will see that the plastic industry is fed by cheap fracked GAS now. They are on a roll. It's actually cheaper than ever to keep turning out those bags of plastic beads. Money is why would they stop now?

The production of plastic is set to increase not decrease, as one would reasonably expect on this our suffering planet. Now there's a surprise eh? We all believed we were all working towards the same end game:

The reduction in the production of plastic per se and the end of single use plastics!

I'm sorry UnFrenchies.......its not true! Quite the opposite!

The industry appears to be relying on the fact that, we, the public, will get better at recycling and recycling itself will become more efficient and prolific. Industry generally makes all their money from VIRGIN plastics and have no compunction to ensure how it is recycled sustainably.


The reduction of plastics in everything we own is down to us apparently? The only thing we can do is to stop buying it!

Then there's the issue with the ability of a pretty failed recycling system in most countries. to cope with double, triple the amount even............of waste and single use plastics!


So here we are in our little home bubbles, feeling a bit smug at our honest, really naive attempts to reduce our use of single use plastics and for what?

Is industry helping us at all?

I'm convinced they are working against us!

The INEOS plastics factory in bonny Scotland is chugging away, using mind boggling amount of electricity on a daily basis of three cities produce plastic no human wants in their lives!

We can't get rid of the stuff once its born!

It baffling isn't it?

Okay, we personally have stuff to deal with and we must change BUT how, when in the end industry creates a bigger problem right under our noses!

In our house we have made a pact to gently remove as much single use plastic from our lives and to think daily about how we shop. What we buy. What we really need to go forward. As my DAUGHTER IN LOVE says, try to run.......'a conscious home'.

We need to wake up the survival part of our brains and re educate ourselves out of the age of 'want it now'!

That's why 'we' personally wanted to live in France.

I've personally seen a chap walking 10 yards to his front door from the bakery.....10 baguettes, unwrapped, under his sweaty armpits!


The truth is, we should ditch this need to add 'wrapping'!

In France we can afford some land to ensure we live more sustainably. Spread out a bit. Lessen what we buy and our foot print on this fragile planet.

I love the way France recycles furniture and building materials quite naturally as part of their BROCANTE culture. Whilst of course there are supermarkets, there are still many fresh produce markets and more local shopping, which is infinitely better for the environment.

They need less. Consume less. Even having a credit card isn't that normal in France.

In spite of industry, we will plod on in our house, changing the way we consume, bit by bit, day by day.

How can we all make the change?

In the garden?

Obviously growing your own produce is a good thing for you and the planet. Considering water use and using rain water collection, rather than relying on the good old hose pipe. Using natural insecticides not chemicals.

Use recycled building materials where you can, in garden projects. Consider not using chemicals in your pool. Recently, although not to everyones taste, I saw a French holiday let ad and their pool had fish in it! I know pretty odd but infinitely more sustainable.

Keep chickens, use their poop as fertilizer. Composting and mulching is brilliant for your garden.

Leave some of your garden for the insects and birds. Purposely plant bee friendly meadows. Keep hedges for other wildlife to live peacefully in.

Plant trees, plant lots of trees.

In the long have you got?

There's so much we can do!

We must go back to seasonal produce, smoking and naturally preserving. Bring back bottling! Cook from scratch, shop daily.

We have the perfect blue print.........our grandma's!!

Use solid natural soaps and cosmetics. No need to test on animals when it's natural, eh?

Plastic bottles! Oh dear.........time to filter your own water!

Toys! These are mainly plastic! Time to start swap clubs and make sure these toys are passed on to be used some more.

Look, we just spend too much on STUFF, don't we? If we are honest we need to cut back and buy better. Be wiser!

On the go? I'm changing to paper bags not plastic film and zip locks. If you must use plastic make sure its reusable. Buy 'keepy cups' and bottles for water and coffee. You do have to remember to take them out with you though!

Go back to the past and keep those little net bags in your handbag! You are less likely to forget your reusable bag then.

Try to recycle into your boxes and bins without putting the rubbish in bags. Take recycling seriously, give it time and attention.

STOP using coffee pods and tea bags. Just go back to loose tea and coffee. It tastes better too!

Grow your own kitchen herbs.

Get your house full of house plants for naturally cleaner air.

Buy reusable spray bottles and make your own natural cleaning products.

Pop your dishwasher and washing machine on less frequently and on lower temperatures and shorter cycles.

Tackle one room at a time!

Consider composting toilets.

Take less baths. Use your shower and maybe even time your water use.

Light bulbs, change to LED and dispose of these properly.

Up cycle furniture and clothes. Sheets make great cloths and tea towels.

Bulk cook. Saves energy.

Ensure rooms have doors so that heat in your home isn't lost. Open plan living is not cool!

Consider insulating older homes and using bio mass heating.

Of course you can look at solar panels and wind power generation, efficiency of course depends on where you live in the world.

Think twice before you buy anything I guess. The age of consumerism must be brought down by you and I!

We have 6 TV's.

I know!

Oh believe me, I am taking a magnifying glass to our lives. Our dear old Range Rover needs to go. Mucky diesel emissions aren't doing anyone any good.

We love the 'good life' but it's become more about shiny new goods and keeping up with the Jones's, than protecting our planet, sadly.

Let's try harder shall we?

What are you doing, to join the movement to save the future generations from armageddon?

D x

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