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Yes we are all getting a little festive at UnFrench HQ! About time!

Time for a little cheer and a glass of something warm and spicy! Hot mulled wine, is definitely the thing that springs to mind when thinking about a Christmas Market! I'm not to sure what that says about me really, but there we are!

My first ever Christmas Market was actually in Hameln, Germany, as a young Army wife, not France. In fact the truth is, I haven't actually YET been to a Christmas Market in France! Don't judge me! lol! There's time yet, I'm not worried.

In those early married days back in Germany, oh so long ago, the markets were very traditional. Handmade wooden toys and decorations. No fuss, no faff! Great food and heart warming drinks. no complaints from me! We used to take a wander and make it our supper destination!

Markets weren't huge or particularly commercial back in the late 80's, early 90's. Thankfully! Latterly, I lived in Lincolnshire, UK and of course we spent many lovely winter evenings, climbing Steep Hill, pushing each other upwards towards, the festive atmosphere, food and fancy goods! Many years later the market was so popular that we decided it wasn't for us anymore, as being squashed on a hill was not our cup of hot cider!

My most favourite Christmas Market so far would have to be New York. It wasn't massive but was undercover in Grand Central Station and remained steadfastly handmade and crafty! Lots of scarfs, junk jewelry and pizza! I will be back this year to find out if it has changed for the better to worse, since 2004! I hope not.

I despair at the sheer commercialism of these markets these days and the noisy fairground attractions that distract, but look deep and you will find the most wonderful locally made goods and produce.

The best Markets are said to be EUROPEAN and BORDEAUX is no acceptation I'm told!

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The Christmas Market of Bordeaux, or Marché de Noël Bordeaux in French, is located at the Allée de Tourney square. With 130 wooden huts, the marketsfeature unique crafts of the Aquitaine region, handmade chocolates from Bayonne and foie gras.

So what are the best bits of Bordeaux Christmas Market?

I've been told that the market is one of the most 'Christmassy' they've ever been to!

Thats what we are after, right? The 'feeling' or sense of Christmas! Do we need any more than this? I don't think so!

What we want from a Christmas Market is twinkling lights on a cold winters evening, the waft of mulled wine spices, roast chestnuts and freshly made pastries! Festive music and obviously a ferris wheel, from which to view the stalls from the air, oh and to take a selfie!

Here's the Facebook page link, for more information including dates! Let us know how you get on and any tips you may have for parking! What stalls should we not miss? Most of all enjoy yourself and be safe.


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