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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

There are those out there that relish this lockdown and have trained for this all their life, just like a continual retirement I guess. Happy as pigs in shit, not doing much and not going anywhere. Certain personalities are made for this enforced hiatus! I get it. However, I think even if I was retired, I'd be busier than ever! A few extra weeks with my honey, lovely, but we now need life to get back to normal tout sweet.

This morning life goes on in our household, our move from Canada is not quite complete. Our car arrives in port this morning at Antwerp. It's a slow burning nightmare. We have ten days to import it and get it out of the shipping agents storage, only no one is working. The agents are furloughed and yet we are being told we will be charged, 250 dollars a day to store it if we can't import it and go get it! Not everyone is being helpful under the circumstances, sadly.

This whole importing our old Range Rover, is further complicated by it originally being a UK car but it being allowed to 'visit' Canada for a year, then coming to live with us again in France. The French are very confused by this.....!


So you see, we have our own perfect storm brewing!

Not everyone is having a fab time being at home, I bet! We know why we are doing it and accept it with humility, but this doesn't stop us complaining that we can't complete jobs at home or do the urgent things needed, now does it?

I've just seen someone ask on FB, why aren't builder merchants and DIY shops open to the public? I have to agree! If it were so, we would start renovating our Wreck. There's a job that need time but it also needs equipment and supplies!

The people need to keep busy! Too many restrictions make life extremely tough for those wanting to be busy! If a supermarket can manage to keep people apart, so can a DIY merchant! I think that businesses need to be allowed to operate under these circumstances best they can. We really need to go check the condition of the Wreck but risk a hefty fine if we do, yet I see Parisians coming back and forth to their holiday homes every weekend. Not sure how they are getting away with it!

The economy simply will not stand a continued lockdown with only medical essential food/fuel outlets operating. I can understand the frustration of the local garden centre watching all those plants die, when people have so much time to garden! The garden centre that also stocks food produce, which is going to waste, when a supermarket is selling the same products? Doesn't seem fair does it?

It's a little unbalanced really and costing small business their livelihood, possibly forever.

There is an expectation that this lockdown will continue till the end of May now and possibly beyond that. My husbands company are already looking at how to cut costs, so we wait with bated breath to find out if our lives will change and what that will look like?

It's scary and we've been disaster planning just in case.

My daughter in love has lost her new job. My son is expecting to be Furloughed soon or have his salary cut. My Youngest daughter boarding school shut down so she is with my son and that gives him an extra mouth to feed, it's not ideal. The lockdown is starting to eat in to our family finances and it's not good.

The future looks rather murky and unpleasant. I do hope we are wrong. Unfortunately we are not in the system here in France proper. I hadn't finished my registration for my work and medical. That means we are completely uncovered for any of the benefits available here, if need be.

I'm sure we will manage and get by till this lockdown lifts but minute it does, we will be so darn busy we will be meeting ourselves coming backwards!

Such is life!

Like most families we are sleeping late, drinking too much wine, eating way too much chocolate and cooking like everyday is a MASTERCHEF day! This morning we had corned beef hash with poached eggs! Covid19 Brunch!

Many of us are potting seeds and planting in our greenhouses. Those lucky enough to have the supplies are doing the decorating and DIY. We are all catching up on NETFLIX and bringing the fragile French internet network to its knees! I, like many of you am busy reading all those fancy books I have collected and never had time to read!

We have our one long walk out a day with the dogs. They appear to be pretty happy in confinement generally. Out and about on our walk yesterday we watched two young deer bound through the fields. Always makes my heart sing. The wildlife in France is facinsating. One of the reasons I love it here is because of the space to roam quietly.

One minute we are watching a bird of prey hover over its potential lunch, the next saying adieu to the back end of a really big stag crossing our path.

At least there is time to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Norman countryside. It truly is a gift.

D x

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