Fur Families

It's not a surprise that we empty nesters love our fur babies is it and bonus they don't talk back. I cannot remember ever being without a dog,ever! Even in childhood we had our dear old 'Shep'. Then we had a bit of a mop head called Toby...couldn't tell which end was which.......and many more besides. Dogs offer such unconditional love and they don't need an allowance, eh!

Our first dog after getting married was Sammy, a beautiful King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and our old poodle, shit zu mix, Holly, is now keeping my old dad company and they do love each other so. Dogs have always been a big part of my life and my husbands too. Our kids have always loved their fur siblings! My hubby had a dog called Pip growing up, who lived well beyond his life expectancy! He was quite a feisty, vocal little chap and is sadly missed!

I have a real love of Spaniels, just like my long passed Nana, who had a trusty old Spanner friend called Peanuts and he really was nuts! Spaniels have those human eyes and often huge smile. They are just the best friends ever. It's not always gone to plan for us and our dogs. We have had to re home one crazy dude, a few years ago who was more than we could handle and we also unwittingly left a piece of our hearts in Australia, our Angus, the Springer, bless him. His homecoming just didn't work the way we thought it would. Still, I believe he is very well looked after and very much loved. It all works out in the end, I guess.

I've had heated rows over the years, with so called friends who think that animals shouldn't travel further than our back doors. I've only ever found this to be the case once, to my great sadness. Most of our dogs throughout our marriage of 30 plus years, have happily travelled the globe with us. The setting up of the travel is quite complicated and stressful but once done, they are on their way, bags packed and eager to join us in our new life. I wouldn't be without them and I'm sure if asked, they would say the same.

We took two dogs to Saudi but we ended up employing an agent to re home Beaux. Beaux wanted to be an only dog and wasn't happy with our Saudi living arrangements. So we carefully chose her adoptive parents and she ended up having a happy life with them and finally ended up in Canada with them when their posting ended!

Most of those following UnFrench for the last few years, will remember Bertie's journey from Saudi to France nearly ended up with him being put to sleep! All for the sake of a missing signature. Luckily, he was put under house arrest for six months before finally being free to be French! Amen to that!

Bertie saw me through my post recovery and offered himself up as medical guard dog, staying up with me all night when infection took hold and I became incredibly sick. He kept me awake until I could get to the hospital. I still believe he knew absolutely that I was both scared and very poorly. Bless him!

When we arrived in Canada we ended up with a tiny little American Cocker puppy, Fizzy! She was a real bundle of trouble and still is. I have to say raising her wasn't easy and she possibly shouldn't have been away from her mum so early. We had a lot of sleepless nights and re named her 'Pissy weewee's' as she was practically incontinent for quite some time! Today she is lounging on the sofa, very cute and thankfully able to hold her wee! She is nearly a year old, if her documents are correct! Quite the little character, very much loved and Bertie is endless jealous of her ability to bounce everywhere just because she's small.

These two dogs are my life now. They make me get up and out. They play with me, keep me warm and happy. When the chips are down they are there with those doggy eyes and hearts of pure gold. I just wouldn't be without them.

One day I will absolutely run a spaniel rescue home and I will grow my fur family a little. No puppies though! I don't think I can cope with that now! I have a fur grand dog 'Ralph the Snoodle' I've not met yet but I already love him!

Dogs, cats or whatever fur melts your heart, is okay with me! I get it!

Adopt don't shop!

D x

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