Getting Ready!

I feel like I've been busy doing not a lot recently, other than putting a lot of old decorations out for the rubbish collection. Must do better when packing away the decorations in future and also not attempt tree decoration late at night! I appear to have had butter fingers recently! Bye, bye baubles...!

'They' say that if you haven't used anything you store within a year, then you don't really need it! It's true! Other than the decorations, we really haven't touched the 'stuff' in the basement in 10 months! Some of the decorations haven't been found and others were found worse for wear! Time to really have a sort out! What annoys me is that this 'stuff' came in our shipping and shipping costs money, doesn't it? Total waste!

Our fake trees are 7ft tall and to be perfectly honest, look ridiculously insignificant in this house, which has 12 ft ceilings! I am determined to stick to my 'not buying anything new', unless necessary for the next 12 months even though its killing me! I've always enjoyed dressing a house for Christmas! This year is definitely not going to be my best display! Never mind eh!

I am however, busy mentally getting ready, for the long drive to New York next week. My limit for long distance driving is around 4 to 6 hours, so this will be double and then some! Hopefully with regular stops, all will be well spurred on with podcasts and Christmas music! I will also need to take, a decent Gluten Free pack up with me, or I will find myself eating packets of sliced meats and cheeses, just to remain safe.

The weather has warmed up a little and the snow is 95% melted and it all looks a bit grotty really. I'm really praying for fresh snow for the kids whilst they are here! They've seen enough of it on my photo's since mid November, now they need to experience the real stuff!

The house hunt continues and appears to get worse week by week. The last house we saw had the same issue as many we have seen to date, which is, not being able to access the garden from the main living level. We battled with several sets of stairs here for more than ten months, which is just awful first thing in the morning! Getting the dogs out in double quick time is key! The rest of the house was okay and of course the other 3 viewings cancelled! It's beginning to seem normal all this nonsense!

I think our agent would rather we weren't so fussy, but after this last year we intend to be fussier! Also rentals here are big bucks and I resent paying for something just because! Him in doors knows I would rather go back to France so he's praying we find something decent and soon. There are so many modern new builds here and I find myself longing for some history! Give me a period home with character over these modern edifices any day! Try making a white 60 ft room full of windows look winter cosy! Yuck!

I am, of course really happy to downsize and pay less, but not to be in a worse position. It appears though that we are expected to pay more for less! No rhyme or reason to this housing market. Then there's the issue of credit history! How can we be expected as work visa visitors to have A1 credit after ten months! Impossible! We are mid way there but without loans, we won't get a better score any time soon, so we are considering buying a car and I really don't want to! No matter, I'm going to enjoy every minute of the festive interlude before having to pack up again! I'm surprised I know where I live these days!

Meanwhile, we are all waiting with bated breath for the results of this election nightmare! How will affect our lives in EUROPE..........?

Vote carefully!

Remains to be seen, eh!

D x

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