Ghost Town

Day 1 of Lockdown complete and day 2 practically over, we can do this!

It's blustery out, the wind is whistling wild around the trees, just as one would expect on All Hallows Eve. Perfect conditions for a little crazy cat lady flight practice! Sadly, my broomstick is parked up this year, due to the obvious flying restrictions due to COVID. Believe me, I will live, however, I miss when the kids were little and all the fuss and faff around Trick or Treating. Although, I was never really a fan of cold calling! Instead I sorted the decor and dress up and sent him out to do the door knocking! I just never liked the thought of begging for sweets or frightening old or vulnerable people! Here in France it's a quieter more considered affair, Sunday, is the 'Day of the Dead', remembering those that have passed on and celebrated by placing baskets of chrysanthemums on family graves. It also a bank holiday weekend, as marked by the craziness in the supermarket this last week. I do hope that given our confinement people are sensible?

Yesterday, whilst out getting some supplies to last us the two week self imposed stay at home programme, I made sure I made my last trip to the local florist, to give my support before she shuts tomorrow. She babbled away to me in French as she does. Of course she must know I only understand a little of what she is saying. I think she's fine with that and I am always learning. On this visit she looked shell shocked, pale and tired. I think she's only in her 30's, bless her. It was a family business which she took over and she's bloody good a it. Her stock was a little tired and the mini pumpkins a bit squidgy. I hate to say it, but I think she told me she is closing for good! I hope really not, but I'm sure that's what she said, another casualty of COIVD 19. I guess I will find out if I understood correctly when December comes around?

What a sorry place the high street will be after all this is over? So terribly sad.

Anyway, other than sorting the supplies I needed, I got busy with some admin, catching up as one does. I don't like admin much really and I do let it pile up and then suffer from admin anxiety. I pay all the bills in our household and have for years now, so to fill time, I'm making sure I'm all caught up, definitely makes me feel better once its all done for another month.

We've been looking at cars to buy or lease, not sure which yet and really want to go electric. It seems the responsible thing to do but and there's a big but! These cars aren't that great on charge range and I just know I would get 'range anxiety' which apparently is a real thing, so it's a no from me for now. When they improve then I will certainly go there but for now, I don't need any more worries in my life, doesn't matter how funky the car is!

This morning we nipped to Brico to pick up something or other 'man toolish' and driving through Bayeux it was like a Ghost town. More so because of the war graves I guess but it was really, really quiet for a tourist city. We also spotted several police cars at junctions but thankfully many, many more businesses open, than during Lockdown phase 1. I do think we absolutely should be able to buy DIY stuff during confinement, so we can actually do something meaningful! Keeping busy is so terribly important for good mental health, but I do feel terribly sad for all the other businesses that have been forced to shut. Most of them had just opened again!

In other news, I have a new COVID app which is pretty easy to use, is in English and includes the Attestation, which is rather convenient. Last time, we struggled to get ink for our printer and it was a little stressful. I guess in the end, we are all learning to live beside this virus little by little. Who knows if there will be several more periods of confinement before a vaccine is found to work! We can only hope that there isn't but if there is, the most we are losing is our social life to keep everyone alive and this we can do!

Oh yes! I did say I would tell you about 'Sausage gate', so I will! You all know I'm Gluten Free (not by choice of course, what sort of beast would choose the GF life? No clue), no, finding GF sausages in France is tough but I found an English butcher that makes them up for me and posts them by ChronoFresh over night. It had worked very well, all quite slick really until I ordered a third time, which was rather frustrating.

We appear to have an issue living here, where we have Ghost 'attempted' deliveries! These delivery vans and their drivers must be invisible eh! At the time we got the first text to say they tried to deliver but we weren't home, we were actually sat in the lounge waiting for the delivery! This happened a further 3 times. I was quite angry to be honest, one, because its fresh meat and two. its specially made and expensive and three, because these drivers just bareface lie by saying we aren't in! In end they sent the parcel back to base in Caen. By then the meat had been on the move almost a week and no, I didn't want it anymore. Unfortunately, the butcher suddenly shut for two weeks for a family emergency, so all I could do was count sausages in my sleep, until they re opened. I guess if you don't have a restricted diet, you will never understand the food cravings I get? I suffer more in France because its tough to eat here safely and I'm tired of feeling rubbish. Anyway, I now have lovely fat juicy Yorkshire pork sausages again and I will very much enjoy very them and mash tonight!

It's the little things eh!

Keep trucking,

D x

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