Going dotty!

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

I've finally figured out a rather cool system for separating what's going where in this multi continental move!


Well, round coloured stickers to be exact and so I've been spending hours sticking these dots to bits and bobs all bloody morning!

All was going very well indeed, until 'Him in Doors' says "are we taking the floor boards as well?


I look down and see half a dozen orange and purple stickers stuck to the floor!

They clearly prefer being stuck to the floor rather than the furniture!


I'II be seeing spots in my sleep tonight!

I have to tell you, I've hit one of those pre moving days, when I feel like I'm loosing my tiny mind and could murder my husband without a care in the world.

Uh huh, it's that's bad.

I call them 'in-betwix move days', where there's loads to do but nothing much can be done! He meanwhile has spent countless hours in the garage, making the car shipping ready and not a lot else!

In other words hiding!

It's either that or he's working in his study!

We keep bickering.

It's normal I promise you.

However, if he would just listen to me, he wouldn't be going back to the Vets yet again tonight, to get Fizzy's rabies vaccine! He swore blind to me that she had to wait 21 days after the microchip to have it, which didn't really make any sense to me at all!

The wife is always right.

So there's the annoyances mentioned above and then there's the fact that we still don't have financial authority to book anything! We leave here in 10 days and I have to say this will be the tightest move we've ever done! With this lease being up on the 31st this stuff simply has to leave here before then or what?

Not a clue!

I'm all for a challenge but really! I think the company have forgotten there are humans and dogs involved in this move!

Hey ho!

So, I am busy shredding 100 kgs of old paperwork which we brought here? I'm happily going about this task but also thinking of how to dispose of his body and not end up in an orange prison jumpsuit, when he screams "I hope you haven't shredded Berties old paperwork".....!

Believe me, it was the next thing due to be shredded!

Apparently, the pet relocation wanted proof of him coming to Canada from the UK. Rabies vaccine provenance..........or something!


Phew, that was indeed a close call.

Honestly, if it wasn't only 3.30 pm I'd hit the Gin bar up for a jolly good long time!!

Join me?

D x

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