Ground hog day.......

Updated: Jun 24

Gosh, this house hunting lark, what a chore!

Second time around, it does feel rather like ground hog day all over again. Same battle different year. There are differences though, such as I'm totally learning to compromise the dream and downgrade to a Manor house, non project other than cosmetics. Don't laugh! Honestly though, I think much of what is going on in the world right now makes one realise, that sometimes we have to start a few rungs down the ladder to get where we want to be! To be honest we are also a little spooked by recent events and reluctant to over extend in a wobbly economy.

T'is life.

This step back is a big step in the right direction for me, as the dream is nearly 7 years old now. It appears to ebb and flow. An ongoing drama, if you like. I can't quite believe it. Up to now there's always been a reason why not? So the change of pace to 'lets spend less money, stop with the wrecks and downsize the expectations is definitely helping. Think we just threw the chateau in to remind us why not! We aren't quite crazy enough to live in an over priced wreck even it it is pretty. Not now anyway! The chateau dream definitely is off for another couple of years, because he's not finished working abroad yet.

With the best will in the world I cannot see me tackling a master project on my own. Nothing has changed there and if 'Escape to the Chateau DIY' could kindly stop airing, I'd be eternally grateful as I wouldn't convince myself it was doable at all, ever! Of course It would be great to think I could live happily ever after in a gently falling down pile of bricks, all by myself but I'm not that deluded. When we visited the chateau for sale the other day, I closed my eyes and imagined the long hard winter nights in a very dark, dreary, broken, damp and cold hell hole. Yes, hell hole as that's what it would become in the end. Hell. It's a totally different ball game when surrounded by family or even just a husband, right?

France is full of broken buildings, sure. There's enough to go round. It then becomes about the degree of cosmetic surgery I wish to undertake? Sometimes, I'd rather have a mini renovation project than a badly done DIY so called reno! I mean some of the adverts say ' recently renovated to a high standard in 1990'........erm, that's 30 years ago pudding!

There's supposed to be a mini post COVID, pre B Day rush to buy here by desperate/eager Brits needing to register into the French system? Maybe there will be? Maybe it's already happening, because trying to get viewings with French agents is rather frustrating. No change there. Also I'm told there's an influx of second home buying! True or not, we just have to plod on.

We took his long list of houses to view and whittled it down three times. He popped the choices on the iPad and slung them to the TV and we procrastinated for hours. In the end we were left with four and probably two front runners, until we see them of course. He is led by price and barns and I'm totally fickle and led by looks and possibilities. It's not a House Hunting match made in heaven but you already know that about us.

Anyway, yesterday morning we had a viewing booked, not far from here and arrived to meet the agent. She wasn't there and five minutes later we got a text saying 'sorry, the owners can't do that time now' is that time! Thank you very much! So, dejected we tried to move an appointment up, but that agent decided she was now too busy and said 'when you are back in France look me up' what?

So off we went to do some shopping chores and on the way back I noticed one of the houses on the short list, was in fact on with my good friend and ex colleague, so I rang her and within an hour and a half we were visiting a house we'd actually seen with her four years ago!

Who knew!

How odd.

I still liked the house, he still does not like the barn and the poor house has suffered some degradation in the mean time. The roof needs work. So its a demi wreck. To be honest most of the other issues are cosmetic. So for now it's left on the list, in fact it's the only one on the list so far. I could totally see myself making it a home. The Teen wants to see it and if she likes it we will just have to make him like it too! He will be out voted! I do wonder if it's meant to be? I mean we liked the same house twice. Gotta be something in that?

I'm hearing a lot about houses, near sale completion suddenly coming back on the market recently. Food for thought there I feel.

We've decided best we can that if we can find a home here in Normandy, we will stick with that. Why? Well of course we wanted to move further south but in the end it comes down to being near the ferries for the Teen. In a year she will be in university and so will want to drive back and forth. It's that simple. Location, location, location. I guess that's how you find where you want to be in France? He needs Paris for airports, we all love the beaches and are loath to give them up, so in essence Normandy still fits the brief for now anyway.

Stick with me for the ride eh?

Oh and my question of the day is, when is summer coming back please?

D x


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