and hope.

Gosh we all need a bit of 'Gumption' right now, don't we? Kids, dogs, homes, families, jobs, businesses, winter, separation, money or lack of it, COVID, Brexshit..............Dig deep UnFrenchies, we are in for a bumpy ride!

Hello there! How the devil are you?

Sorry, I've been a bit missing in action recently and still should be really, if only all my candle supply deliveries had turned up! Starting a business has been a lot of fun, of course it has and rather frustrating at times, lots of rookie errors just to add a little interest.

'Rome' as they say, wasn't built in a day! Also, COVID appears to have made sourcing supplies, at best very sketchy and deliveries are taking rather longer than one would expect. I've no choice but to live with it, luckily my current clients are aware of my packaging issue and happy to wait. I could of course bubble wrap and package best I can but that's not me! Why on earth I chose glassware before making sure I could actually get boxes to fit, I have no clue! I guess I am all about the pretties and not the actual reality of posting the darn things! As I said, rookie errors agogo!

Why launch a business in these trying times I hear you ask?

Why indeed?

Never mind eh, I could still make candles if nothing else and then the gas bottle ran out! You just can't make all this up really. If only my big melting machine had actually arrived! If only I could at least post out some candles but the "almost couldn't source' boxes haven't arrived. If only.......!


Anyway, my website launch is on the back burner for now, until I can guarantee I can press go without too many hitches!

Wish me luck!

The pandemic effect is sure ongoing and biting hard. Families and businesses are really suffering, especially here in France for us Brits, who have the double whammy of COVID and Brexshit.

COVID! I get so angry at the 'entitled' few demanding life goes on as usual. They feel 'entitled' to foreign trips and parties...............? Yes, it's lovely to have a break from life, but not to take a life in the process! Idiots. Stay the fuck at home!

Brexshit looms large for us here now. Hard to ignore. It's all very last minute with the can we stay or do we have to leave stuff! Does rather feel as if it's a war between France and Uk only, doesn't it? I know there's a lot at stake but its hardly neighbourly and they've forgotten that we are human beings, not just an excuse for more paperwork.

I expect the residency portal will open and crash immediately. The French take on a 'simple process' will not be simple at all and we will all be left feeling rather disgruntled, as we are entitled to be, after all we did opt to invest in this country, didn't we? I am hearing some communes being rather dismissive of the Brits at the moment. I hope this attitude isn't prolific?

'Life' as they say goes on regardless.

Yesterday, my day started with a lack of gas, The bottle ran out inconveniently, as it always does and with 14 big candles to make, I needed to do something else, something to take my mind off candling for a while. He rang and said he'd left his chargers at home AGAIN! So I drove to The Wreck, delivered his plastic tub of shit he can't work without, had a cuppa and drove the 1.45 hr home again. Got back, shoved a potato in the oven, then the beans of top, grated some cheese and for ten minutes I was in buttery, fluffy potato heaven! Only, I have frozen shoulder at the moment and it's really painful. I think I slept heavily on it the other night. I have an old car accident injury and every so often it rears its ugly head. My right shoulder is visibly higher than the left! It's horrid. So yesterday ended with a very, very early night, feeling rather sorry for myself.

About The French Wreck, I'm concerned he is spreading himself a little too thinly right now. He's spending Monday to Wednesday at the Wreck but he can't be productive because he has to work during the day, so that we can pay for this renovation. We are doing everything on a shoestring scratch that, we are on a thimble full budget! Not even that good. We have a chap to help and of course Dad is helping with windows and doors. Putty is a source of distain at the moment, as Dad feels French putty is rubbish. The other half doesn't appear to be keeping up with supplies and so Dad has no putty. The other chap ran out of plaster yesterday, so maybe I need to also start ordering supplies? I can't really do much else from here at the moment.

Next month we will have two builders on site all month, doing the big build work. Which will be a massive leap forward. Even with this and my brother being booked in for February, I can't see us moving in anytime before late spring next year.

C'est la vie!

Back at the tiny cottage, Dad is staying a bit longer than expected and so he missed his 54th wedding anniversary! It's funny isn't it? I'm 52 and I've only actually now realised how warm and fuzzy my Mum and Dad's relationship is. The love they have for each other is timeless. I hear some of their little catch ups and it's lovely. Dad has been very homesick this time round and whilst I love having him around and his help is indeed invaluable but I so wish to send him back to mum as soon as I can. Knowing that they are safe and together is everything to me right now.

Oddly, when I looked through my files for an appropriate photo for this particular blog, this old Christmas photo came up!


Hang in there 'UnFrenchies' you are stronger than you think!

Lots of love.


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