Hi Honey's, I'm Home

Back to La Belle France, finally!

The flight wasn't much to write home about, which is good as I'm not a fan of flying in a tin can full of germs, frankly!

Leaving Fizzy behind was tough. Bertie really thinks he's gotten rid of her and is lapping up all the extra attention! He's back to his favourite beach walks and happy as larry! I won't tell him that his sister will be back in town sooner than he would like, eh!

Leaving Canada was easy. After three days here, I've almost forgotten about it, especially the weather! It really feels like early spring here, definitely not winter and I'm so glad of it. My skin has puffed back up nicely and my face no longer feels like a brillo pad! The water is softer, the climate milder and my attitude to life somewhat improved.

I'm temporarily living in a sweet little village called St Maire Du Mont. Picturesque, steeped in military history and very, very sleepy.

Very Normandy!

The church bells are the noisiest thing in the village by a country mile. The bistro is 20 paces one way and the bar equidistant the other way!

It's a hard knock life!

The weather is a little drizzly most of the time but who cares? Not me!

Bertie hasn't had a safe, secure garden in a year or so and has seemingly forgotten what one is! We pop him out and he begs to come straight back in. Silly beggar!

We could easily get a bit too cosy in this AIRBNB with its, comfy beds, AGA and log burner, but we will try not to. I'm still suffering a bit of jet lag which should hopefully bugger off in a day or two, I hope.

I adore the lack of noise pollution and when I sleep, I sleep well.

B day doesn't seem to have affected the way the locals view us barmy Brit's here thank goodness. Long may it last! I've decided to put the subject of BREXIT on hold on the UnFrench socials but will update you on the effects of any changes to come on here. That way you can chose to read or not.

We decided to go and get some French mobile sims today, forgetting that on Mondays and lunchtimes most of France is shut!

Nothing for it but to try again tomorrow! That is just how life is in France, eh?

How does it feel to be back in France?

It feels normal, familiar and like home. France certainly slows me down.

I'm out and about most of this week meeting up with new friends and old. Eating and drinking mostly.

It's all good.

D x

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