How they grow.......time flies!

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

It's been a funny old year so far, not quite the start to the brand new decade I ordered, c'est la vie!

Last year, we had the 'One Year Only in Canada' move. We were barely into our new rental when we DIDN’T celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. With so many other challenges to deal with, we put it off.

This April we celebrate no.31!

Whoosh. One whole year gone.

At the time of postponing any celebrations last year, we decided we could more than make up for it when back in France. Hire an RV and coast around La Belle France, taking in all those departments we had never seen. It would have been quite the adventure. Only 2020 has other ideas and just like last April, we will be celebrating in our lounge and dancing around the kitchen or maybe the bedroom, who knows! There will be champagne and country music. It won't be so bad.

Never mind eh. I'm ordering celebrations put off till no.35! Gives us another 4 years to plan a vow renewal in a chateau (he did promise me).

Of course as we speed past 3 decades of love, life and laundry together, so does our only Son. He turns 30 tomorrow! I can't quite comprehend our little adventurer reaching 30 alive and well, we didn't kill him, nor did he kill himself. In fact he's a very successful project manager and plays being a responsible adult very well, We are very, very impressed given his private school headmaster, Mr Greenish's early warning that our boy had two possible paths to travel in life . One would mean he went to borstal and the other he would shine like the absolute star he should be come. In the end he chose the path of least resistance thank goodness, but being a popular clown was way more important to him in his teenage years. Little bugger!

Our boy went from dancing in nappies upside down in his toy box to any music I played, to falling asleep in his high chair face down in his spaghetti, to going to sleep with lego buildings, dinosaurs and vehicles that had a terrible habit of going beep in the night (he used to wake with some very pretty patterns on his cheeks) to having a Bachelors of the Arts In Journalism and Media and a Masters Degree in Project Management! Don't blink!

The future is certainly bright for our boy.

This is how married life goes. Girl meets boy and the rest is history. These kids don't come with an operating manual do they? We just become parents and blindly find our way through with love and hope. We adjust, adapt and grow especially with the first experiment, I mean, child! I think we did okay. He is very grounded and as happy as any parent can hope for. He has our bug for travel, a lovely lady as his life partner and he steps up to the plate to take care of his sisters when required. We couldn't be more proud of our son and his achievements. Boy to man, no complaints. Not even about having any Grandchildren yet, as we are not quite ready thank you!

The circle of life.

Happy birthday sunshine! Thank you for choosing us to be your parents. Sorry we cannot be with you (no one can thanks to COVID 19) to celebrate your special day!

Love and dinosaurs

Mum & Dad x

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