I will walk ten thousand miles........

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Well not quite, but I've set myself a challenge of no less that 4 miles a day. Doesn't sound much does it.....no? Actually, it's 24 miles a week (6 days a week), 96 miles a month, 1152 miles a year and it's keeping me sane!

Yesterday, was a very odd day indeed. I wished I'd got the bad day alert memo, frankly, with forewarning, I'd have stayed in bed.

It began by my breaking our trusty coffee pot. I think that's enough of a disaster for one day don't you? Then a couple of jars jumped out of the fridge on to my knee and toes! Ouch. I later left my phone in a trolley at the supermarket, I got it back don't worry. If you haven't set FIND MY IPHONE, please do now! It takes you right to where the phone is and there are options such as getting it to play a loud noise so you can find it. You can lock the data and if it can't be found, you can totally erase all the precious phone data. Reunited with my phone, I should have just taken the rest of the day off!.

I didn't and instead listened with chagrin to lots of opinions on how I run the show. Fair enough, I can take opinions, no problem. Walking sorts it all out, gives me perspective and of course it tires the dogs out for the day. It's real live medicine for mind, body and soul. Yes, it's the same route everyday, given the unusual set of circumstances we are all dealing with, but I manage to see something new every time. My eyes are wide open to the smallest change in my surroundings. I purposely don't take my phone to ensure I am not tempted to work. I need a break like everybody else. I find I can't flounce in and out as I would sometimes like to because I have a responsibility to my team and to the community, to be the one that keeps calm and carries on no matter what.

What I can't cope with, in life, is how many people forget that I also gave them a chance once upon a time? Folks generally don't seem to want to see another person being given the same chance? Yes, it's a gamble but I'd rather take a chance and be wrong than not try at all. Not everybody gets what building a community takes, I guess. Nor how flexible and diplomatic I have to be every single second of the day, no matter what is thrown at me. I just have to accept the current status quo and keep going.

The team as it stands has become a very tight bunch over the last 8 months and we are all quite settled in our roles as colleagues and friends. Still, any new addition to the UnFrench family has the ability rock our roots very quickly. This happened yesterday and I had to make the tough decision to say goodbye to two new members of our team. The newbies have their own set of talents I'm sure, but they were not a good fit for the team one way another. I never find it easy telling someone they are a square peg in a round hole but find its very quickly justified in what is said to me at the time of their departure. I wish them well in their quest to find their place in life, whatever that maybe and I forget about it all. No point crying over spilt milk.

The team consists of several very strong, talented and opinionated women. Thats how I like it, I'm not after wallflowers or dilly dalliers. We have all found a way to work with each other. There's always a settling in period of course and an initial few faux pas but in general after a few weeks or months, the new girl fits in perfectly. A little time, patience and mentorship is always needed and given gladly. Every so often though, we get a new over keen bean who wants to lead from the get go, change everything and critique us harshly, to add insult to injury. Let me tell you all, it doesn't work. Nor does being all keen as mustard, sitting back and not actually contributing.

As team we are open to idea's, no problem there. I personally cherish the team as it stands. We aren't perfect but we are perfectly us. I just don't understand why fools rush in with the take over bids?. What on earth makes them think we need saving or changing to the point we are no longer us? I have no idea!

I really think it takes special women to work in our team. Women that are able to put aside ego's and work within a unique, fast paced online community, without being the boss lady. I know that each and everyone of us is more than capable of being the star, but Clare and I decided a long time ago that serving the community would be our focus. It's important for us to grow and adapt to change but we must do so with people that can actually adapt to working with each other, open their hearts, minds and ears and give back without taking.

We gift our time and talents for we are all volunteers, after all.

So my walk today healed the wounds of yesterday and gave me a fresh perspective on the future of UnFrench, which will continue to grow and blossom with a few tweaks here and there. In the end the upset of yesterday did have a purpose of sorts. We can't sit on our laurels all the time, we must adapt and accept change along the way.

UnFrench recently turned three and whilst celebrations have been put off until the lockdown is lifted and life returns to normal, whatever that may be, we will absolutely have a little party and toast to our successes thus far for we will go on, I promise you all that.

D x

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