Lack of Logic and Lunacy!

Morning petals!

Lovely chatting with you all on the FB page this morning. My coffee went cold but my heart was left all warm and gooey.

What a lovely bunch of Unfrench folks you are.

Good to know we have each other on this journey we have madly decided on, which is often full of joy but sometimes a very bumpy ride! Thats okay! Rome wasn't built in a day and nothing is perfect eh?

The Unfrenchies are warriors, brave adventurers but often in need of a hug, just like me.

I invented UnFrench to reach out to you all, help you make friends and find like minded souls in France.

The UN in UnFrench = United Nations of Friends in France!

We've had a good week on UnFrench laced with some crazy nonsense. I will keep addressing this very important issue, to ensure we don't get landed with a label we don't deserve!

I won't bend down to harassment in any form. The banned ladies 'friends' continue their onslaught on me and my admin by any means they can muster and are contacting a lot of you guys too.

Remember, lock down your Private Messages. Check your privacy settings. Report, block and have a cuppa! Do not answer them.

Ignore! Their battle is not yours!

On a recent message to me, I have been asked 'to educate myself' on the 'UnNamed family.

Sorry what? Why?

The entitled rise again?

These key board warriors are missing the point. I think most folks from the same country unmentioned, would be embarrassed by this lack of logic.

We don't ask about business or family history when people join our group and its not important. Why? WE ARE NOT A POLITICAL OR RELIGIOUS OR BUSINESS GROUP!

We don't care who you are, what you do or why?

The ban of someone with an Arabic name was nothing to do with name, race, colour or religion. Simple. Odd that Mrs Smith who was also banned isn't shouting 'racism'!

The ban was because SHE the unnamed and her Daughter (?) were trouble causers on a group that didn't want trouble. It's a little game which is now very boring. We saw a pattern of negative behaviour which we nipped in the bud!

That's our job and a job well done in the end!

Shouting at us through our members? It won't change a thing.

They think if they push us hard we will push back and cave in.


What worries me is the lack of logic in this attack on the UnFrench Brand. The whole thing was a set up from the get go. That much is very clear. We aren't stupid, we worked it out very quickly.

I had stupidly left the group on 'open' initially and left 'auto join' on! Leaving them a perfect target for an attempted take over. One added the other. A plant to shout something racist and boom! Huston we have a problem!

The rest is history.

What worries me is some of our members are falling for it.

It's a scurge on the internet isn't it? Some nutter deciding to hijack a platform to promote a cause!


Never have been and never will be. Nice try!

This was attempt to gain sympathy. I have none. Your choices are yours. Not ours and involving our members is sad and unforgivable. Create your own platform from which to shout unfair to the world! We aren't involved in your world cause.

I'm like a Lioness to my UnFrench babies!

Dear Assholes! Don't try and affect my life or any of my members lives as you will be reported to counter terrorism, which I believe is what you say you aren't! Then my advice is don't act like you are.

In the end you are probably one person creating a ruckus. Otherwise known as a TROLL!

Good luck with that because we don't care!

Remember! Report and block. Lock down your profile and privacy settings.

Business as usual!

D x

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