Learning to cope, with plenty of Unfrench help along the way

The lovely Unfrench Tia wrote a blog this week about tribes. It was such a timely post for me because this week has revealed a lot about my tribe, both offline and online. Making friends has been hard at times, as Tia explains very well. But I realised this week I've got some really good ones.

After an ethical clash, I'm no longer working for this company I was initially so excited about. I feel almost betrayed that they lied about their company values. They don't actually exist, More than this, it isn't that I had to put up with non-existent values. I was asked to ignore slander, intellectual property theft and false advertising. So yes, I completely accept that not putting up with this could be described as "mutual incompatibility".

But what has stood out to me is the reaction of my friends, family and the wonderful Unfrench community. My dad said he was proud of me for standing up for what I believe in (not exactly the response you expect from your parents after losing your job - but definitely the right one!), and I had support from friends in France and abroad.

I also had so many lovely messages from the Unfrench community. I posted in the morning about my anxiety and had dozens of people sharing their strength, and giving me coping tips. In the admin chat group, I can always guarantee someone will be able to reply and give me the advice I need, or bitch with me if that's what I need. This wonderful online community gives me real life support. In fact, to cheer me up, I have booked a trip to see Unfrench Polly down in the south of France. I'm so excited for that! She's promised me wine and some lovely roast lamb (a favourite of mine but a rare treat). I also met up with Donna a few months ago when we happened to be in Toronto at the same time. Other admins meet up too, and I can't wait for our big gathering! We've already planned the food. This online group is becoming a real group of friends.

Even outside the admin group, I've seen that we have an amazing community within Unfrench Wives. We had an upsetting review this week: the first review our page has ever had. We'd explained to this person multiple times why her posts had been deleted (for example, us admins were told to f*ck off and get a life in response to one of the posts). They clearly created strong and very unfriendly emotions which isn't inline with the aims of the group.

Despite trying to maintain a fair and positive community, it can be a challenge sometimes. But the response to this one negative review has made it all worth it. The feedback the admin team has had is all so lovely to read, and the positive reviews completely counteract that one mean one. Donna has created such a friendly and open community here where people can share recipes, photos of French life, ask for advice. It's such a great group to be a part of and I love the support it offers.

So this is me saying thank you to my friends and the Unfrench community (many of which have become my friends). It really helped to have your support this week.

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