Let deconfinement commence

Yesterday was the first day of the new deconfinement measures. While it's a relief that the end is in sight, it's also scary because it means the next peak is coming. I hope these new rules won't stop people being sensible. The virus can still be dangerous, and if it starts spreading more, we'll go back into lock down.

So bearing this in mind, for the first day of deconfinement, I had dinner with two local people who had been self-isolating individually for the past eight weeks. I was desperate for conversation with new people, and a return to seeing people again. Planning what to cook was overwhelming, though. Having planned meals, freezers and store cupboards for weeks, planning one meal was beyond me! In the end I settled on a proper British roast dinner. Comforting, casual and with nothing too complicated!

Going shopping for food was the first time I'd been out without my attestation in a long time. I definitely won't miss filling that in. I always forgot about it until the last minute, and it created some sort of anxiety. Did I fill it in correctly? Did I check the right box? Will I be back within my allotted hour? Let's not go into the pre-mobile attestation days. They weren't ideal for those of us without printers.

The shelves are still fairly empty in the shops near me but I managed to find a corn fed free range chicken. It turns out there's a Lidl hidden about 100 m from the Swiss border that has a few gaps in the shelves but is still worth a visit. I didn't know it was there until recently but I'm glad I've found it! Food costs in France seem to be shooting up so it's useful to know about, and I've found the quality to be good. Carrefour tends to have the things that Lidl doesn't so I'm covered. We're lucky that the supermarkets near us are there to serve Swiss residents, so while the border remains closed, they remain empty so social distancing is easy, and there's no queue.

Once I'd finally settled on food, I decided to wear make up for the first time in months. I looked at the bottles and brushes on my dressing table, and could only muster up a lot of confusion. What goes on first? Which brush is used for what? Where is half of my make up hiding? I decided to start with foundation, the found a bottle that said primer on it. After that it all started coming back to me. I realised I hadn't washed my brushes in months though so maybe I should move that up my to-do list.

In the end, dinner was lovely. The Label Rouge chicken was very good. It almost had a gamey flavour. We discussed CERN, Scottish history, the difference between German and British school systems, and so many other things. I had missed the random conversations that come up after a few glasses of wine. I say a few glasses, I mean five bottles between four of us. One person only had two small glasses, so really it was only between three of us!

Aaron and I had a nightcap after everyone had left too. It was a lovely evening, and I'm grateful I didn't have work today. Everyone else did so I wouldn't want to be them!

I don't know when I'll next see people again. I want to take things slowly, but it was very nice to see people in person for the first time in months!

Whatever happens, stay safe.

#UnfrenchLeah x

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