Life in the fast lane......

Well, what an eventful few weeks we've had as a family!

It really doesn't seem that long ago, we were going into lockdown, thinking it would only last 2 weeks and eventually lasting 12!

I made a conscious decision, that I would not be going back to work straight away, with good reason. The reason being that I had no bookings for ESTA (the ice cream van) and my son would not be back at school for another 4 weeks. Anyhoo, the weeks of doing absolutely nothing were great!!! I'm not complaining. Thats said, I knew the reality was that I would need to get back at it and soon. Still, I did not realise was it would be all famine then feast!!! Everything seemed to move forward all at once.

Also, how unfit I had got!!!! Ouch!

Since coming out of lockdown I have booked 10 weddings with my day job, have been called for pitches throughout the summer and the phone is ringing off the hook for various gardening, cleaning and pressing work..... It's truly amazing. Oh and I appeared in an ABBA tribute video for UnFrench.

I have recently started to sell makeup and skincare products which I love. Mainly because it fits in around my home life and the hours that I do. So, my life is relatively quiet? ;)

Not any more!

We have also been down to our house in Limoges and finished off putting the shower in. Finally getting it ready to put on the market to sell ,which we have done just recently.

It is a lovely house, but we have made our home in Poitiers and that where all our friends are now.

In other news, we have a new addition to the family currently called 'Bob' the dog! We adopted, didn't shop because there are so many that need homes now. Bob has found his home with us and Alfie adores him!

Saying all this, it's not all roses and smelling sweet in our household financially but it is getting better, very slowly getting back to normal (not as quickly as I would like) c'est la vie.

I cannot really blame the Crovid-19 everything, as it's really my own fault for not planning our finances properly! I am so bad at it and I'm considering getting someone in to help me budget better, so that its not as much as stress on me in the future. I hate the fact that I have had to borrow money from my family and friends to keep us going. I am truly ashamed that I could not provide for my family. Realistically at my age, I should have some sort of handle on it.... Right!!!!!

But I don't......!

The only thing that is actually getting me through it all, is the fact that everything simply has to get better! I surely will get better with my finances? Lessons learnt and all that.

Anyhoo don't want to be a full on moaning Minnie as there are certainly good times ahead! For starters, I'm in full creative flow, planning my second wedding (to the same man) with lots of little surprises! It truly is going to be fabulous! Just maybe I can get all my UnFrench family, to be there with me to celebrate? I cannot stress how fabulous the team is! I have even not met these ladies in person yet but I believe when we do meet up, it's going to be incredibly messy, in a superbly good way! They are all so supportive, words just cannot describe these beautiful women inside and out! Just truly amazing!

Anyway, I will stop rambling on, thank you for taking the time to read a little more about me and my unconventional life and leave you with this nugget......

When serving Ice cream from your van, don't laugh at people when they ask "do you sell bread" apparently it's rude lol...........!


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