Long Weekends

As I write, it's absolutely persisting it down outside! There's a yummy cool breeze and it's so very welcome. Quite unexpected.

It is definitely feeling autumnal, right on queue and I for one, am very grateful for the drop in temperature and finally being able to switch the Air-conditioning off. No more dry throat!

It is only the 1st of September, I know and I can't quite believe the sudden change in the weather or how the seasons are wizzing by at break neck speed.

This year is certainly motoring on and we've now been here in Canada over 8 months.


Also, as seems to be the way here, each new month is broken up nicely by a long bank holiday weekend. Don't quote me on how many exactly, I think it's 9 a year and tomorrow is Labour Day. There seem to have been so many long weekends lately and I guess that's it now till Christmas?

This particular bank holiday was a nice surprise for us, when out shopping late on Friday afternoon. Everyone we met asked what we were doing for the weekend and suddenly it dawned on us that we were about to gain some 'us time' back, thank you Canada!

There are jobs to do, admin to catch up on and those dogs to walk.

I think, during the relatively short, hot, humid summer, we've found ourselves stuck inside way too often. Of course It hasn't helped not having any outside space, which was never the plan. Of course not.

These things happen and has probably been the tipping point for me to stop the never ending renting!

Canada also has just two real seasons, winter and construction! Believe me you need to get outdoors here while you can! Winter is long and hard and takes up too much of the year for my liking.

To cope, I've always enjoyed the long weekend walks, especially getting up above the never ending canopy of ancient, evergreen woodlands. The air is pure and the climb lifts my spirits somewhat. I feel like I can breathe again. The walks do wonders for my soul and temperament, no doubt about it and those dogs are a little less mad for it.

Escaping the confines of this house and the housing development on the weekends, has been very necessary for both of our healthy hearts and minds, but the summer heat stopped play for a while. Instead, we've been working hard and suddenly we both feel a little burnt out, a little hemmed in and very much in need of a dose of that fresh air. It was so nice to walk today without the bugs biting!

Probably time for us to take our feet off the pedal a little and return to a more sedate, less anxious pace, I think.

I already feel the joy of having a 'plan' for the house in France and he and I are enjoying watching a lot of renovation programs of an evening, any wreck will do!

The only issue is that, these programs, remind us of the human cost a big project can have on our relationship, pocket and our family. However, I feel so much better, at peace, almost, now that I've stopped fighting the inevitable. Next year it's 18 months to two years of build and renovation and its well over due.

To start our lives going in the right direction we do need to stop renting and plow that money into our own investment. That much is crystal clear to me now. I've got to personally jump off the merry go round and get the fudge on with it!

I'm not scared of tackling the project myself, which has even surprised me. I just had to be able to visualize how it could be done, throw my hat into the ring and go for it.

I will!

Another thing I have realized this past few days, is that I need to return my mind to living in Canada for the next 5 months or so. It's not healthy living my life here but my heart in France. I need to ensure I am fully connected with where I am, not where I am going, or where you lovely lot are living.

I do so enjoy hearing about your projects, journeys and lives in France. I don't think I will ever tire of reading about 'The French Dream' BUT I cannot be getting up 6 hours after you all and pushing myself to make time up. One eye open trying to focus on my phone, trying to do 20 things before my first cup of tea! I need to live in this time zone. Thats just how it is for now.

I will still be around, just a little out of sync for a while.

These next 5 months will fly by and there are lot of decisions to make. So for now you'll have to put up with me joining you much later in your day. I know the dogs will be really glad to have mummy's feet back on terra-firm-a. Him in doors will stop moaning that I am distracted from the second I fall out of bed! I keep that up and I could be divorced by Christmas, eh?

More soon.

From Canada with love

D x

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