Lost in Translation!!

Les Saveurs de Boules!

An innocent enough saying for selling ice cream. Right.....?

I was at one of my favorite places last night, Café St Georges at Faye la Vineuse for a concert they were putting on for the locals and they had asked me to sell ice cream at the event! So as always, I jumped at it, not only because the committee are a lovely bunch of people and very welcoming!

Anyhoo, the evening ticked along nicely and the group were quite jolly, I had just packed up the van and was leaving when Serge approached me in hysterics!

Saying, "I need to tell you something about your sign"...!

Me: It is wrong?

Serge: Laughing out load.

Me: getting embarrassed.

Serge: I've taken a picture of your sign, its so funny.

Me: trying not to be too embarrassed, hoping its not rude!

Serge: Where did you translate it?

Me: Why off course google translate! (in this instance maybe I should of used the text books)

Serge: Thought so, your sign says actually says...

Les Saveurs de Boules...

The Flavor's of your balls!!!!!!! OMGGGGGGG!!! Can I please hide now?!

I could feel myself going very red as everyone around me was laughing! Luckily they weren't insulted, but did however find it highly amusing and if you think about it kinda is...! Still, no less embarrassing!

It had also dawned on me that for the last 18 months, I have been going to different events with that sign and nobody had said a word!

Now the question is do I keep it?! Lol...

They kindly advised me it should actually say 'Parfume'. So as of today the sign will firmly change but that phrase will forever be ingrained on my mind and be chalked up to experience or 'lost in translation'!

I do love working in 'Esta' as I have had some really funny moments in her, more for items that I sell. Anyone who has seen Esta and seen pictures of her will say its obvious what I sell, but people do get in a pickle!

Here is what I have been asked when serving from Esta,

Do you sell?

Masks... No, ice cream!

Sandwiches... No, ice cream!

Antiques... No, ice cream!

and this one is my all time favorite...

Bread! Really!!! This actually cheered me up no end!

Hope this give you a smile today...

Until the next time.

Tia xx UnFrenchTia.

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