Love the one you’re with and let the sunshine in!

A little peace and love, flower power and all …but, I am a child of this era after all.

The end of the year is a total regroup for me. Usually, I take the time to breathe and investigate life. In the frenzy of time, we are paddling around and often forget the simple existence. The passage of minutes on the clock at night, when everybody is tucked away, sleeping, the little click pondering life as an indefinite minute. Yes, I do own one of those clocks. It used to irritate me at first but then it became a familiar noise, a reassuring one. Sometimes we do not savor this perfect minute and should know it will never come back. It took me the longest time, I must admit, to understand life's priorities.

People, my people should be my priority! Because you cannot replace a friend or a loved one once they are gone, you can only hold on to your memories.

Thanksgiving time is the time when regrouping is thanking the universe for people in my life. I naturally include four legs friends, as they are part of my life and a real family too.

Thank you universe, you made me who I am! We all forget to appreciate who we are at times. In everyday life, we frequently and blatantly bypass ourselves. I see the big picture; I see the small drama and forget the present. I am guilty at times of forgetting how precious the lives in our life are, how fragile. Now, I make a point to say "I love you" to my loved ones every chance I get.. My people, I am thankful for you all and I love you to the moon.

Sophie x

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