Ma chérie


I hope my letter finds you all well and happy.

I write this to you in hopes of securing my roommate a maison permanente in her beloved home of France. I will tell you the story of the day we met.

The chateau I was staying in was a comfortable one, although the beds were un peu trop ferme for my tastes. Sometimes the neighbors were a bit loud at night. Room service was excellent and the housekeepers were happy and friendly. Alors, I digress.

I arrived early at the SPA that day and was engaged in banalités while they checked for my papers. Then I saw her. She was walking down hall C seul. She looked hopeful and she had a certain joie de vivre while she walked along the corridor. She was making friends with some of the other invitées. I watched her getting closer and closer to my doorway so I leaned up against the door of my chambre and gave her a nonchalant glance and a polite smile. I was playing hard to get.

She stopped to say bonjour. I knew my charm was légendaire. The next thing I knew we were a vivre ensemble. I know it’s seems sudden, does it seem sudden to you? Our daily walks in the forest, instagram stories, and dinners together. Non?

One time, dogs came running at us aggressivement, she stood between myself and them. When someone tried to get into the house once, she went down stairs alone and made sure the house was secured. Sometimes at night, I stick my wet nose in her hand, she smiles and pets the top of my furry head and says ‘don’t worry Henri, when I leave here I will find a way take you too.’

She moved to France hoping for a new life after the Elbow river took her livelihood in June of 2013. I think giving her a safe place to brille comme les étoiles and have friends in to sip wine now and again, would be the best way I could reward her for saving me from the boredom of my SPA accommodations.

Merci et bonne nuit!

Henri IV

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