Mistletoe and Prangs......

I have yet to venture into the basement for the decorations but it's absolutely this weekend's job! I promise. Really need a little festive frivolity in my life right now! Just the fake stuff you understand! Will wait a while longer to do the fresh stuff as I don't want it dying with heat exhaustion and neglect, now do I!

I keep thinking about getting the 'kissy' stuff out to cheer the chap up, but I keep getting distracted by the RTA's out side of this house! The only bonus to living on an intersection is the snow versus car drama! Sirens, all day long and the most bizarre crashes, I've ever had the misfortune to see! I'm just waiting for someone to crash into the side of our house and knock the whole thing down!

Jesting, of course!

I have to say that these last two weeks, I have been 'kinda' cleaning and not really cleaning at all! My perfect excuse is that I really need to 'top and bottom' clean next weekend before we head off to NYC. I don't plan to do it twice!

Makes sense to me!

One thing I have noticed, is that this modern mausoleum we live in, there are no window sills! Only one fireplace and the mantle isn't very deep at all. This makes decorating a little more difficult. Also the ceilings are rather tall. I could stand on my own head and still not reach the top! How to decorate? Not a clue! Hopefully I will find a solution by tomorrow!

I've had some really festive friendly, cosy winter houses before but this clearly isn't one of them!

My life and home here, couldn't be more different to my time in Normandy really. No surprises there, I guess. Currently it's snowmagendon again. The dogs took him for a little tumble this morning and honestly, I'm dreading having another fall! My hip and elbow are protesting the fall and cold a lot right now and I find my mind wandering back to France and it's more temperate climate!

The saga of the wall build close the house continues. Yesterday, they were pouring concrete again. The noise was incredible and registered at over 90 on the decibel meter! The guys outside were wearing ear muffs but we inside were not warned! The dogs were very upset and I found myself grinding my teeth somewhat. They seem determined to finish the dam thing at the expense of our quiet enjoyment, it would seem. Two seasons in Canada, Winter and Construction! Can't wait to move and that's saying something eh!

The wall is so called decorative, but has a foundation the depth of which I have never seen before! For five months this crazy build has stopped and started again. Badly managed and very disruptive! Of course we wouldn't have taken the house if we had realized. It's been tough and the loss of the little garden was just awful. Hind sight is a beautiful thing eh!

The agents is insisting we keep looking at houses and so we are. The aim to cut the budget in half ain't gonna happen, that much is clear! We will see. Right now I'm listening to some Doris Day classic Christmas hits and trying to forget about life in general.

Keep smiling!

D xx

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