Monday Madness

Honestly, what a weekend we've had and Monday is already not much better!

Him in Doors has an impacted wisdom tooth and so we've found out the hard way, that dentistry in France is just as poor as the UK. Yesterday, he was rolling around on the floor in such pain, that we decided to go to the hospital. Obviously with COVID its truly the last place we wanted to go, but needs must. Its the third time we've been for the same issue and each time its antibiotics, pain killers and the advice to ring 15 on a Sunday, if it doesn't clear up. It never clears up and the system doesn't work. All we can do now is pay for a private dentist appointment and soon. Bless him, yesterday till the early hours he sounded like a wounded, hungry, angry bear, but this morning thank's to heavy medication, he just looks like a tired, grumpy chipmunk.

My person 'Grumpus' meter is set to DANGER, 'lets forget Monday and fast forward to Friday wine time'......I'm totally over this week already and certainly doesn't feel like we had a weekend!

I find life here very frustrating at times, mainly because of the language difficulties. I'm learning, albeit slowly. Although, my telephone French isn't cutting it at all and as I have a large candle order missing, I do need to resolve this with La Poste. which I must say feels pointless. They seem rather self serving and from what I can see, claiming seems impossible. The candles aren't stock items, which makes this even more frustrating as I will have to make them all over again.

We were also in touch with Beth over the weekend and honestly, our hearts break for her but she makes zero sense. Within moments of being in touch it was same old! Requests for money came thick and fast. I have to say her Dad copes really well with her rambling speech thankfully, I just find it hard to find the right words. I can't force her to get better, can I but I do realise I have to accept who she is and find a way to communicate comfortably with her.

There's no doubt that COVID hasn't helped her case at all. If anything she was held in the homeless shelter too long because of it, without the proper care and support she so badly needs. The Mental Health Teams are stretched, we know, that is the standard answer anyway, but Beth has been in the system a long time and has still not received appropriate care and accommodation. How long is too long? I have to agree with Beth, she deserves better, much better. It is really hard to get her to understand that until she is stable, we are unable to offer her a home as much as we really want to. Also, it may never actually be possible without long term treatment. It's terribly sad for everyone involved and very stressful. Also, now we are living permanently in France, there is the whole issue of getting her residency, when we don't even have one yet. She's essentially a 27 year old adult and entitled to her own life, home and money and how that would work in France, I've no idea? I honestly wouldn't know where to start and the issue will always be the long term care she needs, which will extend beyond our lifespan.

Somehow over the weekend, I have been 'glutenised' quite badly and so I'm now struggling to function whilst my system gets rid! There's also a morning tragedy in motion, as there is no coffee or tea in the house, so Monday is about as welcome an infected carbuncle! Oh and also the Sky signal is severely missing, as the weekend storms threw the dish out of whack. Of course our ladders are at the Wreck 120 kms away! Sods law and all that! Nevermind eh, I will need to get myself in the cranky big blue van and at the very least ensure we are stocked up with caffeine! I have a feeling it's not going to be possible to get motivated without a bucket load frankly!

To try and feel a little more positive, I'm inviting Christmas into the house early! Normally I'm very much a last minute Mary, mid December onwards! This, it seems will be the year I break my Christmas decorating rules, so forgive me whilst I drain the national grid to feed my fairy light obsession eh!

I've ordered a lovely fresh wreath from an independent small business in France. It's a start isn't it! I've absolutely no wish to go rummaging in the shipping for Christmas decorations this year, especially as the Teen hasn't decided what she is doing for Christmas yet. One minute she's going to her brothers and then the next, wants to come here? Who knows what she will decide? Of course secretly it would be fab to have a least one of my offspring here for Christmas. Might write to Santa, but I have an awful feeling I've been on his 'naughty' list more than once this year!

In other news the log delivery has just turned up. Jeez! It can bloody well sit there today as I can't even...........stuff Monday motivation! Not happening, sorry.

Off to the shops I go!

Speak after coffee and a reboot!

D x

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