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It's been a busy few weeks and honestly, not the best I've ever had. I'm itching to write about it in glorious technicolour, but I've realized I should not give it 'wings to fly'. Suffice to say some folks don't have your best interests at heart. It happens. Wolves in sheep's clothing and all that and whilst I'm sad that some will believe the spin, it is was it is.

Anyway, I've come out stronger and feel much more focused on what I want for UnFrench. I was also rudely reminded who my real friends are. Thats the thing about those who try to disrupt and damage, it doesn't have the effect they believe it will and definitely didn't kill me, Just pointed me back to where I should be. Still, there is no one more surprised than me, that I unwittingly unleashed a sleeping monster. Threats do not work with me, ever. If I had skeletons in my cupboard, I would personally write about them and make them pay, rather than ever give anyone else power over my life.

Instead of retaliating, I'm blowing unicorns and fairy dust in the path of adversity! All will be well in the end and more shame on those that decide I'm that stupid, I can't recognize a traitor in the midst.

All I can do is regroup and come out happier, stronger and more careful in the future. Lessons learnt.

Betrayal, eh!

Do not fall into the trap of fighting fire with fire.

Hey ho.

In other weekend news, last night him and I sat luxuriously swigging gin whilst watching Downton Abbey! How decadent! Also, nice to watch something without CGI, robots, violence, nudity and foul language.

I have to admit after a rough few weeks to feeling dreadfully homesick, all the British accents made me choke a little. I'm really missing the green green grass of home, just a tad. Thankfully, I employed my stiff upper lip and carried the fudge on! I'm a sucker for a period drama and a bit of pomp and circumstance, aren't you? I have to say here in Canada there is something missing and its called history. All those ancient buildings and castles. Not here, just trees, lots of trees.

Loved the movie and I feel this inaugural movie won't be the last. Tom was certainly wheeled out with gusto, to carry on the building of the Grantham dynasty. I won't go into detail as there's a lot of people not seen it yet! If you haven't, why not? It really is a 10/10. Although the Canadians did giggle in parts we didn't.....which just goes to show, same language, different sense of humour.

Calgary has snow already! I know! Here in Toronto its mostly bucketing it down, or boiling us to death. Next week we swing between 28 degrees c and 13 during the day! Hard to know what to wear!

This morning, Sunday, we have the fire on in the snug and not one log was harmed in the making of this wonderful fire. Just a little switch and off we go. Poof! Gas is great but I do prefer a real fire, real ambience.

We still don't know if we will be home in France, in time for Christmas? We may, we may not but we are hoping to find out in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, we are busy planning a proper Canadian Thanksgiving here. Why not, be rude not to. The shops are all geared up with turkey roasting trays costing a fortune! I did succumb to a pumpkin turkey platter! It's all pumpkins and harvest, mixed with halloween paraphernalia! Quite strange.

Had to send an SOS to England for M&S earl grey tea bags, lemsips and stock pods. Getting 'flu' and slow cooking ready! Although, I obviously hope not to get it this year, of course! Also have the high strain probiotics and Vitamins D3 on hand daily. Age is a beautiful thing!

Yesterday morning, I had a really good de clutter of the kitchen. Now that I've slowed the pace of posting back down to something resembling normal, I have time back to do 'stuff'. Amen to that. Things were rather getting away from me!

This afternoon we have a ten mile walk planned then steak with roast potatoes, followed by carrot cake and NETFLIX. My ordinary life. Bliss, right?

See you soon!

D x

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