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Every evening, he tortures me with renovation programs. Keeping me on track and all that!

Today, I'm torturing self with the news. It's great background noise these days! Just whack on the BBC news and tune out! Blah, blah.... and bloody blah!

God, news these days! Round robin of the same old crap day in day out!

Of course Brexit is indeed a very important subject in Europe. I don't deny it but 24/7? Moral must be very low in the UK at the moment!

I couldn't sleep last night, so on went the parliamentary nonsense on re run and the droning sent me straight to sleep! I shall make an audio tape and sell it as a cure for the insomniacs the world over!

If I didn't have friends and family I rather like, I would never ever step foot in the country again! I'm thinking of claiming asylum and becoming a refugee! Joking aside this whole thing is a complete farce!

Bunch of liars these politicians.

If Boris gets away with this PROROGATION then there is simply no DEMOCRACY and any future Government will do what it jolly well fancies!

A no deal is playing with fire! Why would any country play with their own economy? Beyond me! Good luck all!

Anyway, last night was George Clarkes Amazing Spaces.......and some tiny homes. I mean tiny, like car sized tiny. Him in doors felt that maybe we should pop a log cabin in the garden of The Wreck!

Lucky me!

No thanks, there's no room to swing a cat....well there is room for the pool (fickle woman I am). I mean how would we get it in the walled garden? How would the construction company work around it?

So, we keep throwing the ideas out there and then chucking them in the bin!.

Life goes on!

Although, reading Jen's blog post this morning gave me some hope! She has been renovating for 8 years! 8 long years!

Then I realized that in 8 years I will be 59 and it didn't sound so good! I want to be living on fresh air, love, champagne, wearing pink stripy tights with red dotty top, blue and pink hair and writing my memoirs!

I do!

I guess you have to be in it for the long term! Buy a broken pile in France and weep, eh! Know we will get there in the end. Of course we will.

Maybe a tiny temp home in the garden isn't such a bad idea after all.....I mean think of all the rent we could save!

When I got up this morning he was on the phone to EDF FR again! This time we may have a solution to the over billing saga, cross fingers and all that! The tech team are visiting and a friends will let them in. Yes, we will probably end up with a Linky meter but honestly I don't care, it's better than receiving a bill, so big, that it makes a crater in the door mat or makes me come over all funny and feint!

Next job! Saur! Anyone got an english helpline number for them? Asking for a friend!

Keep smiling!

D x

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