Moving Part 1 - Taxing Problems

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Canada to France

Wouldn't it be easier to just pack a bag and head for the sun?

Oh god, pour me a glass of wine and I will tell you a story of French bureaucracy gone mad!

Baring in mind folks, that we are sending our own used furniture back to 'our home' in France! So the fact that we have just been told, we will get taxed on everything has made my hair curl! Dear France we are not ANTIQUE dealers!

Apparently, we have to prove the value of EVERYTHING! Triplicate in French only!


Add to this, the other pressing issue of not having the 'financial authority' to move yet!

Down to the wire!

This whole thing is turning into a veritable nightmare and I'm looking longingly at flights to the Caribbean!

Beach, cocktails.......................? Just saying!

I will come back when its all over!


Anyway, we officially have too much stuff and it's going to cost too much money!


It's such a confusing move. Part to storage, part to France and part for his move. I literally can't cope!

Thank god there's Gin!

Gin is the always the answer, what was the question?


And this is why I'm opting out of this crazy life of constantly moving!

You can't blame me can you?

The house is a bloody tip and I have so much ironing, mores the pity, I haven't managed to get him angry enough so he will do it! Haha!

I have my ways.....!

All that post Christmas bedding and towels.............send HELP!

I don't hate Canada!

Him in doors thinks I do, but it's not that! I don't like where we live. Okay so we could move but the market is hot and it's expensive! Also to make the commute work we can't go very far! No, the real issue is the tax! We got marvellously over taxed and then some. Only they know when we will get it back, if at all!

Look, for one year only, it wasn't worth it! Okay?


Done now I guess!

It is all abut the adventure, sure, but you can ask me about that in a couple of years, eh! I'm sure I will have by then forgotten the pain and be ready to explore again!

Until then...........I will try to keep calm and carry on!

D x

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