Music anyone?

Is anyone musical here at Unfrenchies? I am certainly not, I find the theory hard going and makes my brain ache!

6 years ago my Quite French Martin started playing the ukulele. He loves to sing and I think has a nice voice. He then went along to a Wednesday evening group and really enjoyed it. At this point I was having my back sorted out and one of my first trips out after surgery was the Christmas bun fight of the MHUGs club.

I went along and really enjoyed hearing the group play then we had a buffet and Christmas carols. It inspired me to join the beginners group the organiser was running in the new year. So I found a second hand ukulele on E bay and waited for her arrival!

I loved how a few chords can form many songs and went along to the Wednesday evening group, and enjoyed the easier songs, then sat and listened to the more difficult ones! Accoustic music is healing, as I qualified in sound healing I learned this to my amazement, and even though I may get the wrong note, at the wrong time, its all healing!

So fast forward to January 2020. Martin and I had been thinking of setting up a little afternoon Ukulele club, with a cup of tea and see if anyone locally was interested.

Well I never got around to doing anything about it, then in late February I spotted a lady on a local facebook group asking if anyone was interesting in learning the Ukulele! I replied YES!

Then of course the virus meant we were all shut at home. Martin however decided to order new strings for his ukulele and get the books out of storage.

After my trip to see my folks I returned to find Martin playing all sorts of tunes and happily learning new ones. A long way ahead of me. I tuned up my uke and tried to recall a few chords. C, F and G and G sharp came back to me and I attempted my favorite song Blue Moon. In 2015 I could play happily and sound reasonable. Now I am struggling to string 3 notes together!

I cut my nails on left hand that will surely help. Not really. With lockdown being lifted in stages we were finally able to meet up with the new small group.

With hand gel a big room and all spaced out it was super organized. The teacher is an excellent musician. Can play and has music theory like I can only dream of. The other guy is a brilliant violinist and has taken to ukulele like its a part of him. Martin is much improved and sings along plays confidently and gets most of the notes in the right order.

Then there’s me. Today I got completely frustrated. With myself, and partly with the speed of having to learn new chords for each song, get them in the right order, and get the correct timing! Fortunately I had made cake. That was really the highlight of the class for me today.

Oh well. I am not a quitter. I will practice, get cross then get better. I will learn patience one of these decades!

A bientot

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