My Mama told me....

If you've got nothing nice to say, say nothing!

Okay Mama! On this occasion, I'm gonna take your sound advice and move forward positively, leaving the lunacy behind me.

I don't mind and you my love, don't matter!

I've never been a follower, have I?

Oh well!

Look, the personal attacks on me recently, have left me in a quandary and very MEH. I am after all a real person, not a robot.

Of course, I'm so tempted to name and shame these awful excuses for women, but I won't on this occasion. What I will do, if the onslaught continues is to contact my solicitor and deal with them legally! I'm also super tempted to fill you all in on the real reasons these women were ousted or removed themselves from UnFrench and my life......but no, I'm not saying 'nuffin'...for now anyway! As I said its tough not to fight back, isn't it? Feels weak but it's for the best really, as I have other 'fish' way more important than them to fry!!

That said, I've really struggled with the thought of blogging since these latest, very personal attacks on me, which appear to be on going. It does affect me but I believe that's exactly what they wish for? Funny that's they've clubbed together when they don't even like each other! I find that quite hilarious!

Sorry petals, I ain't going anywhere soon! I have to pity you really? What on earth made you become so abusive and loose control?

Get a bloody grip please, eh! I am not the centre of your problems, you are!

I guess can only rely on the people that know and love me, to deal with what they see online best they can? So this is me, sticking my middle finger up to those women that felt I was fair game!

F**k you!

Anyway, I've had a good break from blogging, not quite knowing what to do or say? It's especially sad that it's come to this, when in the beginning I just blogged so my family and friends could keep up with my adventures. Later, sharing the platforms with with like minded women should have been a good thing and mainly it has been exactly that. Like I have said before, it's really important to remember UnFrench helps a lot of people connect and there are fabulous women working with me who have my back. It's not all bad. It's just that the negative noise often takes the focus away from what is really important and what is important is you! Me, you and the community we built. It does more good than harm eh!

Finally, today, I've opened my dusty laptop, but I'm finding the right words aren't coming easily. I guess I will have to keep trying or give up and let them win?

No chance!

I'm being kind to myself best I can and I know you might be feeling the same way? With all that's going on in the world right now, it's hardly surprising that we feel a little unhinged?

We do live in unprecedented times, don't we? Each of us have our own personal battles keeping families and business afloat. There's a lot to deal with for each and every one of us and some usually nice folks, are behaving rather oddly indeed. It's understandable but there's not much of an excuse for the others really! It is what it is, I guess?

I personally can't stomach the bizarre EXPAT competitiveness out there right now. There are too many women busy trying to take other women down, instead of celebrating their successes and clapping them on. Try and be happy for your fellow females! Try not to listen to gossip and start judging people by other folks standards!

Ladies, this is a very big world and there is room for everyone in it! Don't like someone or what they are doing? Fine, but why are you wasting your emotional energy on getting chatty behind their backs? Move on. Go do it yourself twice with knobs on! Find a classy way of dealing with your issues eh? Making me or any other woman the focus of your hate or frustration won't help you and nor will it make you more successful. Be brave and be a supporter! It's infinitely easier to sleep at night, I promise you!

In other news, the weather has really turned now and the chill in the air this morning, was rather more winter than autumn. I'm full of cold as usual and nursing a drippy nose and a 'can't be bloody bothered' attitude. Shorter, darker. colder days are quite a challenge on top of everything else eh? I cope by popping my walking boots on and getting out there. Walking blows the cob webs away but not today, no. Today is a day for lemsip's, self-pity and Netflix.

T'is life!

Anyway, the chaps are at the Wreck. I won't be back there until the big build work is done and anyway there's way too much testosterone, dust and noise there for me right now!

Can you believe that, Christmas is now less than 3 months away and its all to play for? Most of us are tentatively planning for a 'locked down' Christmas of some sort and anything better will be a bonus! The nice thing about the festive season, is that it comes around yearly and we can totally manage one without the usual frivolities! Yes we can and we, at UnFrench will certainly try to help keep your pecker up!

Lots of love and thanks for caring.

D x

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