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Not sure what to call this post, which for a marketing, media gal is quite odd! If there's a title above when I press publish, it's all good, eh?

If you could see me's 8.35 am in Toronto and I've been awake all night. My frizz is worse than ever. I have fluff and feathers for hair, not actual real hair!

I have two new arm growths, from walking near water again yesterday! I always forget the bug spray and so they feast on me at will!

I'm still scarred from many of those wicked black fly bites, accumulated this long hot Canadian summer....... 27 on one leg thigh to ankle, to be precise!

Such a sexy look!

Talking about er..... sexy........I rarely think about how I look and I'm so totally at ease with the no make up, bag lady look, but it's amazing how one encounter last weekend, challenged the way I thought I looked.

Rushing through the Mall, head down, ticking off the Teen's sixth form clothing list, we got pulled into one of those hard sell moments. You know the type?

They offer you a sample of something and before you know it they are selling you 2k worth of beauty product at a discounted 199!

In the process of the hard sell, the 20 year old, over made up dolly bird had verbally noted my face flaws in the most insulting way, even slapping me under my 'turkey' chin!

What a silly b*tch!

Honestly, my focus was on getting the hell out of the shop, but I was also angry. Who teaches these young girls how to interact with 50 somethings, without giving them a complex!

Age is a beautiful thing, if the media would just let us get on with it in peace!

By the time I got home, these so called 'age flaws' were glaring obvious, flashing at me like a beacon in the harsh light of day! Challenging me to visit the Botox doctor!

Thankfully, my husband gave me a chat and I got on with my life.

Remember ladies, we aren't supposed to look twenty or look like a slapped blow fish!

Anyway, this morning I'm bleary eyed and a little out of love, with some of the Expat community in France right now. I got it off my chest quite early on FB and moved the fudge on.

Keep dreaming your dreams 'UnFrenchies', don't let the bastards grind you down! We live in a divisive world, don't let that poison seep in to our wonderful community please.

Thankfully the 'UnFrenchies' rallied as always and offered their full, frank, beautiful support and I feel 1000% better! Thank you all!

Bollox to the negative nellies eh! No one cares! The world is big enough for us all, right?


I'm still in my pj's, which consists of 'bottom cheek showing' Calvin Klein shorts. Possibly a saggy 51 year old bottom, who knows? I can't see it and don't wish to!

Would never be seen dead in public in shorts!


My glamorous life!


The hubby and I had a lovely weekend. The weather was slightly cooler, less humid and so a long dog walk was indeed doable!

We do find the need to escape this house often gets a little urgent. The builders are still building next to the house and therefore we still have no usual outside space.

I can't tell you how trapped we feel sometimes.

It's the first weekend proper, just him and I again, since the Teen went back. I think with her GCSE success, we all feel like a really heavy few bricks have been removed from our shoulders. Phew!

My Eldest daughter moves into her new flat today, onwards and upwards as we always say!

Change is hard sometimes. All we can do is plod on.

Him and I are still trying to work out the next move to suit us both. It's a tough ask, impossible almost.

We managed to get some chores done and cooked ourselves some nice brunches and evening meals, watched movies and generally chewed the cud about life, love and laundry.

Nothing unusual, nothing to write home about really but comfortingly, a very ordinary weekend.

They don't happen often but when they do, I appreciate them.

Only I sort of killed the mood for a few hours, by insisting on doing the household 12 month budget!


Have a great Monday you wonderful people!

We are all the EXTRA to the ORDINARY!

D x

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