My Year In Review

From wet England to snowy Canada 2019

Today is Saturday 28th December 2019, I know this because I asked someone!

All is calm, all is quiet.

'Inbetwix' Christmas is a little confusing, isn't it? We loose all track of time and purpose! It becomes more about trying to shift the dust around the house, forcing too much rubbish into the bins, finishing all the leftovers, telling ourselves we must stop drinking so much booze and whilst achieving very little, we are already dreaming of new year detox and diets! We are five but I've cooked and we've eaten like we are a party of 50!

The house is semi tidy and awaiting de-decoration but not yet. I have flourless brownies in the oven and he's prepping his famous triple cooked chips for tonight! No one ate the tiramisu!

Life is taking on a less frantic pre Christmas feel and I'm very grateful for the pause. Even the dogs are settled after devouring ham bones. It's all good. Oh, except the Teen has my flu and is looking a little like an angry, snotty blowfish right now, poor thing!

A new year beckons and a brand new decade, no less! Fade out the 'Noughties' and hurry up the 'roaring 20's, only this time without the prohibition! Although, sadly 2019 has been marred by BREXIT and divisiveness. I doubt we will ever be able to forget 2019 for all the wrong reasons. In my heart and mind the world has gone backwards!

Meanwhile, here at camp Jingle Bells, I've got a nice healthy, loaded Minestrone soup on the go for the kids and I've hopefully, finally, used up 95% of the leftovers! Christmas goals! I'm finally really starting to unwind after the last few weeks of travel, mayhem and flu for the third year running!

2019 started with me leaving my brief, but lovely interlude on a farm in Yorkshire, behind for one year only in Canada. 2020 will start with yet another move but this time I'm going home. You coming?

We do daft things for the love of a man, eh?

By mid January 2019 we were in an AIRBNB in downtown Toronto, knee deep in thick snow and house hunting for a rental in an impossible market. The story of this house shall never be told again. I promise you! Yes, it has been that bad!

The loss of the garden, any outdoor space really, due to construction, has been an eye opener and one I shall never repeat! In fact, I'd rather live in a shoe cupboard with a large, safe, secure garden than ever opt for a modern house on a intersection again!

Life has a way of teaching us what we don't want in life, I feel, don't you? I've done a lot of what I'd rather not have this year frankly and so I'm ordering a fresh start, a blank page and a ticket back to where I belong, la belle France.

It's time.

My travelling man will either come home or not, but I am meanwhile going to live. I haven't set any targets really, other than to have a good go at anything on offer! Why not! One thing I am clear on is that the WRECK project will start before we sat goodbye to 2020, or I will eat my own hat!

Happy New year UnFrenchies

Lots of love


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