New Loves and New Moves

Hello again, hope you are well?

Wishing you all a very happy, peaceful advent.

Keep going.

Suddenly, it feels like December is moving on a little too fast! Day 4 of the normally 'Silly Season' already and I have a heap to do! Bet you do too? Today it actually feels wintery here and parts of Normandy have had snow! After experiencing Canadian snow, I'm happy to be in a much milder climate. A little sprinkle and not a dot more, will be just fine thank you. Thanks Santa, I've been good all year (I really have).

So, to explain the dodgy, misleading, possibly salacious, typically 'Gutter Press' blog title, I do in fact have two new loves, adding to my busyness this year, one is obvious really, it's candle making of course, as it kind of replaces time spent in the kitchen stirring and reminds me fondly of when I was raising, a very hungry family of small humans. Life was always led from the kitchen, so its no real surprise, that my customers have commented on my candle look like desserts! Makes sense, I suppose!

My other new love, is the all new business group for networking in France (UnFrench Business Buzz). Us 'UnFrenchies' are gently incorporating the small business community into our wonderful family. Let's face it, we need each other more than ever and I'm really looking forward to building on the Virtual Market, Lives and Advent Calendar next year. I really enjoy meeting the people (online) behind the businesses and hearing their stories. Makes a small independent business more real and more human. Lets face it, the big business high street may never be the same again and we need to move away from physical shops and be more confident existing online.

In other news, Beth, our eldest and troubled daughter, has finally gone into a care home and we are very relieved, but also very sad for her and us. We know she will now be well cared for, but with that comes the expected parental guilt, a bucket load in our case! I personally have moments where it completely overwhelms me and there's not a lot I can do, except soldier on best I can.

This time of year is usually fairly joyous in our house wherever we are in the world, we are really a super festive family. At this time last year, him and I drove from Toronto to New York to pick up our children. Driving through New York State in the snow was mightily pretty and super christmassy! Picture postcard and I will never forget it especially the point where he got his credit card stuck in a petrol pump in Hicksville!

Who knew how different this year would be? Not me! Sadly, there will be no 'Driving home for Christmas' this year eh! I'm trying to get the festive feeling going but so far.........nothing. I haven't even decorated, bar the pre requisite door wreath.

I feel a little sad but it is hopefully just this year? Deep breath, big girl panties pulled up high and lets all make the best of a tough year eh?

Of course COVID has changed all our normal family festive plans, for this year anyway, as it has for everyone one way or another. We missed Beth last year as she wasn't well enough to travel and this year is much the same. I just hope I can get to visit with her soon. I'm sure she feels very confused and totally abandoned?

She is at least safe now.

You know, when we get married and excitedly embark on building a family, expectations are high, aren't they? At no point during the planning of the perfect family do we take in to account, how challenging it can be or how wrong it can go. I would love to wave a magic wand and make her all better, but with all the best will in the world, I can't make it right for her. It's time for the professionals to do their job and we can go from there.

I've been told by many in a similar position, never ever to give up hope and I won't ever, I promise.

I'm honestly looking forward to getting 2021 under way, aren't you? The French Wreck will be our main focus and obviously building his and hers fledgling businesses. It will be a busy year. Of course I do hope to get back to Blighty more than once, even though that will also be a different beast, post Brexshit.

Life goes on.....

Lots of love

D x

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