No Tiaras but plenty of Tantrums

You so know me by now, don't you? 'warts n all", no holding back, huge over 'moaner, old groaner', grumpy 'cowness' extraordinaire . Oh god, I'm so aware of it and I don't actually care. I would rather get things off my chest and not internally combust, get 'the stuff over it' quickly and move the fudge on.

I really do believe stress is so terribly bad for our collective health and so is 'La Poste' frankly. Post here is pretty much a mystery in normal times but during the excuse that is's not really making any sense at all! In fact, I'm finding France in general, quite bloody difficult at the moment and way harder than it should be.

Not quite living the the dream?

No, not quite, but I think I'm correct in saying 99.9% of us feel a little unhinged at the moment. We are clearly not, living in normal times and I often see comments from people that have lived here, semi happily for 20 odd years and they still find it difficult occasionally. I guess it's not all wine, croissants and cheese my darlings, is it? Real life absolutely takes place here in France, the same as anywhere else in the world. That said, you are not a tree, you can move if you want to, do remember that! You do have to work out what you want out of life, especially after 50, when we start staring retirement in the face. I know for a fact that if my husband died and obviously I hope he outlives me, but if he did ever gain his angel wings before me, I'd pack up and go back to the UK pretty quickly. I feel pretty sure about that. I'd want to be around family and friends, it's that simple. I may feel differently as the years roll by here, who knows?

Back at the tiny rental cottage, life goes on fairly normally, whatever the hell that is? After my 'mini meltdown' this morning, I felt a lot better. I have literally been loosing sleep, counting parcels not sheep, from the post office to their destination since Tuesday. Nuts but I don't trust the post here!

After my tantrum, I realised a little too late that one of our team isn't doing too well either, but is rather outwardly more positive than I am. Hugs all round needed and in normal times a good get together eh! This pandemic certainly has a lot to answer for. COVID is definitely the most unwanted guest of the year, that has over stayed its welcome and is refusing to bloody well leave!


Anyway, I now can see the tracking for the parcels online and don't need to panic (I hope) from here on. Starting any business is just sheer hard work and gumption! I don't regret it despite the complications of missing parcels. I'm learning everyday and I just know I will make a success of it one way or another.

What I have decided to do though, is take six months off from UnFrench Social Media after the 1st of January 2021. This will give me a chance to move, finish the wreck renovation and build on my fledgling business. Something absolutely had to give but UnFrench will go on just the same, with the team running the show. I am spreading myself a little too thin at the moment and that's the truth. I will still blog when I can but otherwise will really manage my time better so I can come back to you all in the summer.

So enough about me, me and me! I'm hoping that my daughter Beth has the option of suitable placement now? Nothing is confirmed as of yet. However, her Social Worker and Mental Health team are finally working with us and not against us. Happy days! I realise it is very early days, but we at least have an open dialogue and I'm ever hopeful of a positive outcome. Cross everything for us please!

D x

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