One More Year

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

:Just the one Mrs Wembley"......Hyacinth Bucket.

Sounds like an extension of a term in political office, doesn't it?

Well, no, it's not, but sometimes grown up decisions have to be made, to ensure we keep moving forward, right?


Thanksgiving weekend was unexpectedly lovely. Calm, quiet and pretty cold. There's no doubt that now that it's mid October, I can not wear flip flops any longer!

Yesterday, saw him and I sharing the kitchen duties and I was super proud of my new recipe 'Gluten Free' savoury pie pastry! I really couldn't tell the difference, either that or I've forgotten what wheat based pastry tastes like! It's entirely possible I guess, as I've been GF one whole year! Anyway, I went to bed with a stomach bloated with too much yummy food, bent down and my button popped! Ooops! I call it pre Christmas practice but god it was a lovely pie and I do miss pie!

He said it was 'FAB' so he is now the proud owner, of a weeks worth of pie, for his lunches! Lucky chap!

Before the two bottles of Fizz miraculously vanished, we also merrily crunched through the deep layers of leaves, on a long woodland walk with the dogs. Bliss.

Autumn is in full play here! The tree's are so very pretty. Reds, pinks, golds and browns gloriously presented on a back ground of evergreens! I have to say I'm very fond of Canadian Autumn, more so than the summer and winter. Spring is really just a few weeks so not worthy of a mention here really.

Anyway, we had time to talk. Time to plan and time to get a real grip of what we need, how and when. There's no doubt me wanting to return to France on my own, is causing a little friction. So we did that really grown up thing of crunching the numbers and looking at the pro's and con's. The results were very much in his favour and he's a happy man again.

There's no doubt getting The French Wreck done is a huge priority for us both. So that remains our focus. Right now a move from here to France would be both expensive and full of unknowns. Brexit needs to happen first, so we can see where the land lies. Medical may be a big cost? There are frankly too many unanswered questions. Also doing the half life, as I call it, is expensive. Running two homes, all those flights back and forth, blah, blah......blah.

It doesn't make sense!

So how do we make it work?

Living in this house in Toronto GTA is part of the issue. I absolutely need a garden by spring. This is not negotiable. So, we will let this rental run out in January and make a local, much cheaper move out to the country.

That takes a lot of stress off him and I immediately. He's prepared to commute a little further, so that's good! We've been here 9 months now and done the worst of it, I guess.

Mr UnFrench is also very concerned about my health. I pretend I am 100% physically but I'm really 75% still and loading. I'm also concerned about us both ending up lonely and sad again. We've been together 30 plus years and spent a lot of it apart. Maybe it's time to hang up the wandering shoes for a while longer?.

Financially, we aren't getting any younger. You know what I mean? We have dreams and to ensure they are realized we have to stop spending a fortune on moving countries. Our focus is getting the project started in spring next year. We will have to employ a project manager to make sure we get a good end result. Once the barn is done then we have a base to come back and forth to, then the big house can be started and I can spend longer periods in France. So it's not all bad news, is it?.

Our joint decision has thankfully killed the uncertainty for now. I manage UnFrench well enough from here with the help of a bloody brilliant team, so no real issues there. I will try to be in France rather than Canada for some of the school holidays, which will suit the Teen better.

It is what it is but for now we are really looking forward to the kids coming here for Christmas. They are flying into New York and spending a few nights there and so will we! it will be exciting! The last time I went to New York was 2004! The Teen turns 18 in December, cant quite believe it! My last baby! Boo Hoo!

Oh well! Life continues to move forward with pace.....!

Next stop? All aboard for Halloween!

D x

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