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Updated: Jan 10, 2020

After many lost days during the silly season, it's rather good to get back to the daily hum drum of normal life. I'm finding it comforting and I normally loath January with a passion! It's such a long, dull month isn't it? It's just so good to get some semblance of routine back. Not that my days are ever totally without purpose really, but during Christmas I loose all track of where I am and what I am doing! After a while it just seems endless.

The no booze thing. is killing me if I'm honest but will keep going. I know my liver will be terribly grateful!

I've only just realized today is Thursday, so not quite back on track yet, eh!

How fast this week has gone by is worrying me right now, as this house isn't anywhere near sorted for packing. It all absolutely has to happen, as our tenancy is up on the 31st no matter what!

Selling the bigger pieces of furniture isn't going terribly well sadly. I advertised them in one lot, plainly describing each item with measurements and guide prices. Oh boy! I spent a day answering the same silly questions over and over again. One lady said she would have a few items and pick them up. Then said she could afford them!

So many time wasters, so little time!

I am really happy to give some of our furniture, bedding etc to charity of course, I make that a priority when moving. Even my food stuffs are sent to food banks but other items cost a fortune and I need a little back in the bank for them. Just a little!

What will be will be, I suppose!

Today, I took a little time out from doing not much with anything really, to treat myself to a facial. Very rare that I do much with my skin these days, less is more and all that! Then came the Canadian winter, which has been quite tough on my skin and as my son had gifted me a SPA voucher for my birthday er 7 months ago, I really needed to use it before I leave.

Time for a little pampering then!

I like having beauty treatments as maintenance only, that's all, I'm not much of a SPA girl really. I struggle to relax. I only really relax at bedtime in bed! It's just who I am.

I'm actually qualified to give many beauty treatments now, so I'm also a little picky and critical at any spa practices. I have to say this was top notch! No complaints about anything really until the end of the treatment.

My skin was soft and glowing, just as it should be, but then came the hard sell. The beautician tried to flog me 500 dollars worth of creams! I had a voucher for 100 dollars but chose the 170 dollar treatment and then of course Canada likes to surprise us all by adding the tax on at the end! A really nasty habit!

I bought the serum just because I needed some but nothing else. Did I want it? Not so much! I caved! Easy sell me! Still, I was mighty miffed! I wanted to go and get a nice treatment and relax. Thats all. I did not ask to be sold anything other than that! I did not go to have a facial to be anything other than pretty, certainly not bankrupt!

Think about it! With tax and tip, yes tip..they tip big here...my bill could have easily have been 700 dollars!

Come on!


So whilst the service was amazing, I won't go back out of principle.

It appears to be a thing here. Hard sell that is! Our Vet's are the same. Emailing me over Christmas about tick treatment! Today it's minus 14!

Just before Christmas we had a row with them about the kennel cough vaccine. Both my dogs had 6th months left on the vaccine before the next treatment was due. When I rang to get a copy of the certificates for kennelling, the vaccine was showing as being due!

Funny that!

The vaccine lasts a year and we doubled checked with the Canadian Vets Association. The kennels agreed and so my husband accused the Vets practice of racketeering! They've had so much money out of us its unreal!

Oh well!

The house still feels really strange without the kids. The dogs aren't impressed with just my company again. Sadly my 'daughter in love' got back to the sad news she'd lost her beloved Grandad, poor love. I'm really looking forward to being a tad nearer to support my family but I'm very excited to be starting my new job as an Estate Agent! I love property and people, so it's a match made in heaven. I also got Normandy as my area and I know it well after many holidays there and living there for 18 months.

It will be so good to be back in France and to leave this harsh North American winter behind, truly. I really thought I liked snow but enough already! Canada, well Toronto has been an adventure, totally. One day I will come back and discover the rest but for now, I'm sincerely hoping for lots of greenery and an early French spring please!


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