Overindulgence - Isolation S.O.S

Send H E L P!

Who ate all the pie's?

I did!

I baked them in my kitchen and then I scoffed them all, washed down with more scrummy French wine!

Too much of anything is never a good thing, right?


We have all turned into Nigella's, Goddesses of Isolation kitchens! Everything from scratch with pastry and cream..........oh dear god we are Weight watchers post apocalyptic dream!

Piling on the pounds with gay abandon!

This is not good, not good at all!

Be an Alan Titchmarsh instead! The world needs more gardeners and you shouldn't really get fat gardening eh!

Yesterday, I made a lovely veg loaded soup (full of good intentions) followed by two calorie laden cakes! I decided I wouldn't eat any of the cake but would instead freeze in it portions. Only the freezer is already full of cake! Therefore it made sense for me to eat a huge portion of Bakewell cake with custard.

*Insert an obnoxious burp here!

I am overindulging in a way I haven't in the last 3 years and I'm back drinking wine from mid afternoon!

I feel bloated and sluggish.

It has to end!

This forever sort of Christmas holiday needs to end soon before I pop!

So today, I'm starting afresh, back on my high protein diet, no alcohol till Friday (It is in fact Friday). Oh and more exercise.........!

Only, he has just handed me a cuppa tea with a mini chocolate bar!

Note to self: He also has to go and soon!

D x

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