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I don't know about you, but I associate autumn with copper. All those fabulous leaves falling and rustling, the rich shiny orbs of chestnuts and conkers, the colour of the earth after ploughing.

Copper has long been associated with health giving properties, and it is a heavy metal which is essential for the body's well being. Many people swear by wearing a copper bracelet to stave off inflammation and arthritic conditions. And it's worth knowing that dark chocolate is a source of this element if you want an excuse to indulge!

In England, the smaller denomination coins are known as 'coppers', because of their appearance and material. In France, the word for copper is cuivre, and of course French copper pans are famous across the World.

In Normandy, there is a whole town where the industry is based around the production of these shiny and beautiful kitchen implements. Villedieu-les-poeles literally translates as God's town of the pans. At local brocantes and vide greniers, it is often possible to pick up sets or individual items for very little money. These will usually need re-tinning of the interior if you wish to use them for culinary purposes, however, so beware, as this is not a cheap process. If you are buying for their looks though, they are a great bargain.

credit; telegraph from pinterest

Copper lends itself to wonderfully warm and rich decorating schemes, and not just in the kitchen. Team it with shades of turquoise, green and teal for a stunning effect. I love the varied verdigris tones of the hydrangeas at this time of year, and the two make a great pairing. Use loads of blooms and pile them into oversized copper jugs and green glass bottles for a fantastic display.

And of course the very best place of all for copper in the home is the bathroom! I adore the aged and patinated look, like in this pinterest image. But whether you prefer bright and shiny or greenish and grungy, copper is definitely this season's 'it' colour.

lots of copper pieces to be found in local brocantes like the Cider Barn Brocante in Pays de la Loire, see facebook

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