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Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Ain't that bad to be honest. Not sure we actually understood downsizing from 6000 square foot to a 1 bed cottage with loft rooms, but we are getting there day by day, box by box.

My moving anxiety is finally waning and I have to say this one was way too hard on my body. I was almost incapacitated at one point and unsure wether to virus self isolate or just rest my very tired bones. I spent one night in pain from head to toe. In the end I rested a while, then slowed right down to a pace I could keep up with. There was really no time to be ill.

There's a Yorkshire saying 'nearly did me in' this move! Eeeeeee!

Anyway, there are still too many boxes to empty, of course, but the mountain of cardboard and bubble wrap is diminishing at a great rate of knots now. Way too much paper and cardboard involved in international moves, certainly not eco friendly!

Still can't quite manoeuvre safely around my side of the bed, that's todays task.

I do have to pinch myself occasionally, I mean how lucky am I? A new friend offered me this cottage to rent and now I'm back living in rural France, enjoying the peace and tranquility it offers. I can start to look forward.

It totally helps that the cottage is very pretty and peaceful. So good to have green grass again and I think if the dogs could write a thank you note to me, they would. They are so much more relaxed.

Also, for me, no more noise pollution or coping with dogs and no garden. It's 100% better. This little Norman cottage reminds me of a little Scottish croft really. I love it.

It's all coming together now. There are a few things that need to go back into storage and soon. If I turned my head away from him for a second, he just loaded any old stuff on to the van, STUFF we didn't want or need! Consequently, the bedroom is a bit overloaded. Never mind. We will get there in the end!

The move was tough. Made far worse by the incessant rain. We ended up putting lots of cardboard down to cope with muddy boots and paws. It was hideous! Still, we survived! Thats the main thing, right?

We totally underestimated how long it would take, to get everything out of the storage and into the cottage, unpacked and able to live normally. I'd say we are now a day away from completion but NEVER AGAIN! The next move I make will be into my forever home and frankly I couldn't bare to do it again soon. I don't know how long soon is but just the thought of moving again makes me very anxious.

Today, I'm fitting in this quick blog whist he is out, taking a break from unpacking. To blog today, I have had to hotspot off my phone, as Orange has a fault and it won't be fixed for a few days. We've managed okay for the last few days, just using our phones but when we first moved in, we had zero phone signal. Given that Orange said we could only have the 4g fly box here, we panicked! We both use the internet for just about everything including work. If we had no phone signal then there was a good chance the box wouldn't work. luckily it turned out to be a local outrage that day and we woke up to a full signal the following morning. Phew! Internet crisis averted!

Setting up with Orange in the end took a short, very pleasant call to the English Speaking helpline. Orange are busy putting in the infrastructure for Fibre here I think and so because we couldn't have anything but the 4g box, the French government gave us a little grant of just under 100 euros! Nice, eh!

On Thursday evening I start work proper so the race is on to find my clothes, wash some clothes and stop looking like a bag lady!

A big thank you to H who rented me the cottage and J who rented us some storage. Without these fabulous friends,I would not be back in France and finding my happy, so thank you again!

Do try the 'one random act of kindness' thing here and there. You just never know how much it will mean to the person you are helping and always find a way to pay it forward folks.

More soon

D x

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