Please be kind to your self and others.....

It's so important right now! Employ those powerful tools you have to help each other. Imagine if you were stuck in an apartment 24/7, as apposed to a house with garden? Space to breathe and all that? People are going to get stressed, go quietly mad. Make sure you find it within yourself to ignore the gripes and offer comforting words instead. Some people don't do well in these situations, remember that. Be the port in another persons storm, eh?

Folks really do have 'stuff' going on we don't know about, right? Keep morale high if you can. Remember, forgiveness is your healing gift to give those under pressure.

My current situation is fine and dandy. He's on breakfast duty, I take the supper shift. I'm nursing hayfever eyes. Just had a contactless delivery of a headboard (social distancing and all that) which is nothing like the picture!


It's also a little short, but hey! Nor did I order faux leather.....I swear it was linen I ordered! Oh well, It will have to do until this is all over and we can get out to shop for a decent one. The TO DO list keeps on growing.

Neither of us slept very well last night. Me because my body aches from his Army style walks and the mattress is rather firm, as per his requests. It's fixed his body but broken mine! We both have a touch of hay fever, his sniffing drove me potty, so he will be sent to the Pharmacy this morning for eye wash and antihistamines.

We spent some time in the garden yesterday. It was absolutely glorious ahhhhhhhh. The time and space to potter after a year living without a garden is just beautiful! The dogs aren't complaining either.

It was so good, to sit out and share a glass of wine with the midges, as the sun went down!

I've started my gardening adventure by potting tomatoes, chillies, basil and peppers. I feel a bit too excited to be finally starting my kitchen garden! As we are currently renting we didn't want to spend a lot on a greenhouse, which would then need moving. So we bought a cheap potting shed and tomato trellis from Super U. These will totally do, as long as they don't blow away!

I'm finding my mental health is fairing much better, now that I'm back in the country. I'm not a city girl by any means. This I know about myself. I'm also surprised by how well I've adapted to tiny living. We've squeezed into to the cottage fairly well with an onus on storage, rather than living like we are just about to be photographed for 25 Beautiful Homes magazine. There's still a lot to organise here once lockdown is officially over, but essentially, we are in and living well. It's all groovy. Seeing moving boxes still gives me hives though! I realise that international moving does not bring out the best in me and should be severely limited to NEVER AGAIN!

Him and I are grateful for this little interlude. He's still working hard but as soon as we can move about normally again, he will pretty quickly be gone. We feel pretty lucky right now. Under normal circumstances, he would have just had two weeks at home and would be off again at the end of this week. Silver linings and all that. Look for those, it's important.

After breakfast....think it's homemade rosti's and poached eggs, it will then be time for our hour of torture, erm I mean walking. We don't have an abundance of route choice really. One way leads to the sheep farm, never a good mix with dogs. The other way we get two choices, one to the village and the other to country lanes. Of course we chose the later but I have a few issues with the huge Alsatian guard dogs, that appear to want to escape and eat us on our way past! I've never been a fan of un tethered guard dogs, but I'm happier that they seem to be corralled. Bertie just high tails it past them at a great rate of knots! Bless him. To be honest I wish I could!

Right I'm off to do YOGA stretches to country music, so I don't snap mentally or physically when he makes me do sprints!

Have a good one!

Love you lots!

D x

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