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Recipe for Baked Breakfast Eggs *Shakshuka at the end of the post!

So yesterday, we dragged ourselves out for 'family fun' finally and a little reluctantly if we are brutally honest.

We'd promised each other to get busy, so what else could we do but get the heck on with it!

Actually, the Crazy Golf was a lot of fun! Who knew the fun to be had 'wellying' tiny coloured balls into very oddly placed holes!

The setting was rather interesting, Canadian Christmas trees and 30 degree heat! Blue skies up and greener than green, greens, down!

The sun was resting warmly on our necks and it all got a little sweaty towards the last hole with the added humidity! The Teen got fed up and started to 'forfeit' games in the end but I still came last, typically!

After that little bit of jolly nonsense, we headed out for a couple of cocktails and a meal to finish off the last weekend nicely.

Once we got back to the house, it was movies on and feet up but it didn't last long sadly. Almost simultaneously, him and I headed to the loo with stomach cramps!

Won't fill you in the gory details here but you can guess! The Teen was fine. The three of us hadn't had the same eats or drinks all day and I was at a loss to understand what had gone wrong!

Anyway, the evening ended with early to bed with painkillers and I felt like I'd been kicked in the ribs weirdly. I'm used to being accidentally 'glutenised' and if he hadn't also been ill at the same time, I'd have put it down to that, especially after I realized my steak was wrapped in maple bacon!

Eventually, it dawned on me, that we had both had an omelet that morning. He'd gone out and bought eggs! I looked at the egg box........hummmmmmm!

Cheap eggs!

That will be it then! Those eggs were off!

He will be getting re educated about food provenance yet again and his tight Yorkshire wallet will be taken for another shopping trip!

There are obviously bargains worth having in certain shops, sure, but I wont play with certain food items, such as meat which if bought cheaply here in Canada often means it is filled with chemicals, antibiotics, growth hormones and indeed, water!

Same goes for eggs! I'd rather understand where my food is coming from! Eggs need to be local, fresh, free to range and if possible organically fed! I know they are more expensive if you can't keep chickens yourself, but I'd rather go without than end up ill, frankly.

What does PROVENANCE mean?

Food provenance means knowing the root of where your food has come from and knowing how the food was produced, transported and delivered to us. ... Consumers can directly ask the producers questions about where the food was grown, raised or caught, how it was produced and how it came to be delivered to them.

It's important to understand the journey your food has been on from a seedling or embryo.

Know what's in your food from field to table.

Thats why I am so keen to have land from which to grow my food. Whilst I'm not a fan of the Vegan movement, I do understand we need to consume less meat, fish, eggs and dairy for the sake of the planet. However as a Coeliac, I do get a lot of my nutrients from all of the above. It's about finding a balance I guess.

So for our Meatless Monday here's a great recipe for you! Use a nice big hunk of baguette to mop up!

Shakshuka *poached eggs in a spicy tomato sauce

Style: Arabic

Tinned or fresh tomatoes












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