Queen of Thrift or queen of leftovers?

We were discussing Thrifting and so on within Team Unfrench, which is why this weekend it’s our theme across our pages and group.

With the global economy after the virus, people have been finding themselves looking for new money saving ideas.

So the floor is yours Unfrenchies! Discuss!

Lots of ideas spring to mind, but one which stays with me is when staying with Donna, and she made us the most delicious brunch from leftovers in the fridge. We had some dauphinois potatoes, ham, poached eggs and herbs. Yum!

So our Donna is leftovers Queen and lots of us are Princesses! Its fair to say we throw no food away in our house.

We make the most use of meat, chicken, veggies, if there is a toast crust Romeo queues up for it, and peelings, tea bags etc go in the composters!

So are you a make do and mender? Recycler? Re purposer? Gardener? Forager? Brocanter? Lover of re using? Do let us know! Its great to share ideas and help each other and this planet we call Home.

Happy Thrifting!

Clare X

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