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Rainy days on foreign soil

After staying in a winter let from November of last year we have loved France and decided this was where we would raise our little ones and grow old, cranky and grey together.... he’s got a head start on the grey bit mind you!

We have almost seen every season here now, and gosh how I’ve missed proper seasons, they still seem to have their own definition here. In the UK everything just seems rainy and miserable or perhaps that’s the politics and brexshit tainting the great nation I once called home.

“Home” some people can make anywhere a home any they! I’ve always felt unsettled and never put down roots, moving areas or house type and never finding my place. When Andrew and I crossed the threshold at the house in the Charente we knew it ticked almost every box of our meticulous wish list. Yes I’m a fussy bugger, and he is just as indecisive, yet we have been so sure of here and it’s nice to share it with those who have jumped ship and moved to France also.

The summer I believe, is now well and truly over ... not a bad innings really... approaching October in the 30’s. We have had a wonderful one, I’ve taken down trees, walls, enrolled kids into French school, learning the lingo and spent a lot of time enjoying a vast outdoor space with the kids which would cost a small fortune in the UK. The one thing I’ve noticed is how quickly the weather changes here. The other day I got majorly caught out... let’s just say drowned rat is an understatement.... literally zero to biblical scale monsoon in seconds. Same with the wind... it’s no wonder they chose this region for wind farms.

Ho hum, it’s time to look forward to what the later part of the year has to offer us, Halloween, birthdays and our second french Christmas. The bitch that is Covid has kept us indoors and somehow we have remained sane despite a teething baby, one hormonal preteen who is growing up far too quickly, a toddler firmly testing that terrible 2’s stage and one absolute delight (I shouldn’t really have a favourite I know). Not to mention the dangling wires, leaky pipes, and a full scale renovation.

The nights are drawing in now and the comfy cosy clothes are out, wood is stockpiled and the log burner clean and ready to go and I’m looking forward to nights in front of the fire and homely comfort food.

New welly boots have been ordered this week... can’t wait to be splashing in some

Muddy puddles with the little people.

Until next time, stay safe, and have a cosy, comfy autumn at home xx

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