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Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Let's face it, we have had plenty of experience!

Operation move to France is underway!

Actually, we are so old hat, that we are still sat in our pj's drinking coffee. Oh we do love to PROCRASTINATE! Once we do start, believe me, it will be slick. He's already dragged out some old boxes, found the tape, some paper wrap and the linen bags!

Love, love, love the linen bags! I buy them from amazon and use them for bedding, towels, cushions and clothes. Just be careful to line them with packing paper and pop in a desiccator pack to stop moisture. Obviously, packing for long term storage needs more thought than a few miles down the road! The movers hate the linen bags! If they ain't square they don't want them!

I guess this time the pain will be in the splitting of all our worldly possessions. We usually ship 'lock stock and two smoking barrels'. There will be arguments I can assure you!

We've only used a full relocation company once, for our move to Australia. The benefit was to find us a temporary home but beyond that, we didn't feel any real benefit. We found our own home and school for the girls in the end. I do hear people say that they do help and I think we could have done with a 'relocator' for the move to Canada last year. Hind sight is a wonderful thing!

We are both a bit militant when moving and I guess a little controlling. We had the packers in last year and they were wonderful, until it was time to unpack. Part of the deal was that they unpacked at this end and it was very two, exhausting days of chaos!

Imagine the contents of your life being turned out on every flat surface!

Awful business!

Anyway this time, mainly because we are sending our goods in two entirely different directions, we have to box clever! I've bought some large coloured labels and have orange black and white. Hope it works! Labeling is key anyway! The way the packing companies inventory and label will not help you in the end. Write on those boxes!

Where to start?

Depends on how long you've got before your move? We start as early as we can and end up living quite minimally until its time to bugger off and go. We often spend the shipping days, in an airbnb to ensure we get a break at the end of the day. Often the packing crew stay in our house over night and we don't mind. They have a good sleep, watch the tv and take a shower, perfect eh! The drama is always when do the kettle and mugs finally get packed! I usually end up leaving them behind!

We are shipping my car, the dogs and our belongings and we have contacted one company and get them to quote everything including the cleaning. Then we get several quotes and then work to get them down somewhat.

Moving costs!

I sat and costed the main parts of this move and it came to around 34k in Canadian dollars!

I know!

It absolutely costs you dearly.

Mostly the company moves us, but sometimes we do it ourselves, if it suits. Even if you don't pay for the move out of your own pocket there are hidden costs. In fact the first 6 months of living in a new place is generally an expensive time. Hard to avoid really.

We moved in here last February during a snow storm. It was all a bit 'The day after tomorrow' really, quite exciting! All we had were a few bits I had bought in and our order for a bed hung in the balance. Luckily we managed to cajole them to deliver it in the blizzard! We were sick of Airbnb's by then and the dog was landing, so we really need to get into our home.

Shipping dogs is always stressful. Again we've had good experiences and bad. Using a pet relocation service from Saudi to France was an absolute disaster! Our Bertie nearly got put down because of a missing signature! He was later home quarantined for 6 months! Stressful and then some.

We have lots of experiences to write about one day!

Moving anxiety gets me every time. Once the packers turn up I feel a little better but there's no doubt trying to continue with a normal routine whilst moving is impossible, I know I've tried it. My Hubby is always working and it normally ends up just being me! Unless of course my Dad or Brother are around but I think they get sick of us moving.

My lovely landlady to be, has sent me the dimensions of the little cottage. I feel it's going to be a challenge getting any of my furniture in. I must learn to live 'Rose cottage' style. If Kate Winslet managed it, so can I! Yes I know it was a stage set but you get my drift?

I won't miss this house at all. It is too big which means too much cleaning and huge utility bills just for the two of us. Pointless really. We probably live in a 1/4 of it, if that!

Recently we've never stayed in a house more than a year and sometimes less than a year. So we don't have 20/30 years of loft clutter to deal with. Moving is always a good excuse to get rid!

Be brutal!

Not used it in 6 months, move it out and on!

The hidden costs are replacing all the little bits, not necessarily the big bits! Replacing all your kitchenware and tableware soon adds up! Anyway the nice thing about France is the big bits can be replaced by a few visits to the Brocante.

BTW, he's stopped me selling everything, meanie!

Always ship something! A bed to sleep on and a sofa to sit on! A tv and a printer! A get you in box and then you can instantly live. You don't always have to airbnb first if you can plan it well enough!

Of course international moving is tough as there's a 4 to 6 week wait for your stuff to arrive! 'Moving limbo' I call it! It can drive you crazy!

Then there's the unpacking. Do it SLOW! Otherwise you run out of energy and everything ends up in entirely the wrong place!

Moving always makes me feel a little deranged so forgive me for the 6 months!

I best get on with it, eh!

D x

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