Roaring into a new decade....with a bucket list

Feeling renewed

A new decade.

A new chapter!

The decade in which I will turn 60.....omg!

I really do not feel like I've actually lived yet! Do you?

2020 will see me turn 52 which is bad enough but 60 by 2028! WOW!

It ain't over till the fat lady sings eh!

It's things like this that bring me up sharp!


The clock keeps going in the wrong direction!

Get moving lass and achieve those dreams before it's too late!

All bets are off....anything could happen.

Write that book.

Buy that french manor with acreage.

Plant an orchard, buy a cow, chickens, live well and sustainably.

So much to achieve by the end of this brand new decade.


I'm going to begin January with a long list, order some packing material and throw out a few of the 100 cushions I seem to have collected.

I'm desperate to de decorate but need to go and buy some bauble boxes first, making sure that this time they travel safely! I also need to secure a storage unit in Normandy for our excess stuff. Operation move and squeeze into a tiny cottage is a go!

Such a lot to do, but thankfully January is the longest month of the year, isn't it?

Endless, really.

I'm feeling a little 'MEH' due to travelling and overindulgence. Totally ready for a pared down diet. Less is more and all that!

First job for tomorrow is to photograph some larger pieces of furniture. We are being more frugal with shipping this time. Somehow we've ended up with 60ft worth of shipping which will never do.

We appear to ship our lives here and there with gay abandon, but never actually unpack 40% of it! Crazy!

We have too much of everything and I need to be ruthless in sorting it out this time. Although, it does make it easy for us to ship ahead of the move. There's always an upside.

Today is New Years day and my last day off, before we really nail down this move for real.

Sadly we are saying goodbye to our french oak dining table. It doesn't store or travel well so it's time for another family to enjoy it and I don't think we will ever have the room again for the 5 meter sofa either! T'is life!

He's watching Grand Designs again. On his third coffee.

He also made us pancakes for breakfast and promises us, Duck and chips for lunch, but first we are having a 'blow the cobwebs away' walk. Much needed I feel. I will very much enjoy putting the miles between us and the last decade to be honest.

I'm taking one last breath before diving headlong into a busy, exciting year!

Happy new year my loves.

D x

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