Rosemary and time........lots of time

The gift of time......

I am such a traditionalist. I love the changing of the seasons and the celebrations we have in-between.

I know that we will absolutely look back on the memories of Easter 2020 fondly one day soon. We will feel that the sacrifices were worth it and we will have won the invisible battle against COVID19.

I'm sure we will feel so much pride that we honoured the 'Stay at Home' message and be forever changed as will the world we live in, for the better I sincerely hope. Of course it will be a different sort of spring break for us all this year, nevertheless we personally, are still intending to enjoy the break one way or another. I might not have a houseful this year but I will still set my table and decorate with fairy lights, pretty glass, painted eggs and Skype the family to virtually Easter together.

It's amazing what you can find in your own garden to decorate with. My rented garden is full of blossom and pussy willow, perfect for an Easter twig tree. You can blow fresh eggs and paint them and kids will love this activity! A bit messy but hey!

Of course I miss my kids and we had planned the girls travel to join us at Easter but it was not to be. It is what it is. We really must make the best of it by making online memories and memories within our homes and gardens.

Easter is one of my favourite holidays during the year. It's Christmas without the expensive presents, cold weather or dark mornings. Not so much stress.

I will be collecting bunches of spring herbs ready to massage into the lamb and the roast potatoes. Mint for the kofta's and pretty edible flowers to liven up ordinary, traditional easter recipes. I will be rhubarb'ing to the max with the early forced rhubarb which I absolutely adore. Jams, compotes, chutneys and crumbles, all with lashings of fresh ginger.

I will most definitely be making an Easter Meringue which is the same recipe every year but always ends up slightly different somehow.

Here's my 2016 Nutella Mini Egg Easter Meringue.

Hopefully we will be blessed with outdoor dining weather in France and can indulge ourselves, wining and dining the evenings away outdoors, even if we do have to have a outdoor heater on!

Spring brings enough light to liven us up but not too light in the evenings that we cant see our glass, silver and pretty twinkly lights sparkling.

From my home to yours, I wish you a peaceful long weekend. Stay safe and at home.

Happy Easter my lovely UnFrenchies.

D x

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