Skint and still Smiling

Back to school these days is something else, isn't it?

It takes my breath away!

Pretty sure I wore plain navy knickers and Clarks shoes.........forever!

Back in my youth (in the 1800's, if you believe my daughter), once a year, I got a slight upgrade in school uniform and equipment.

Shoes were simply grown out of!

Everything else was out of my pocket money. Stationary was certainly a once yearly thing, not every term! Loose those pens and it was a big problem! I wonder if my mum realized where her pens disappeared to! As soon as I could earn some money doing shifts in the local pub kitchen, every penny went on clothes!

These kids of ours are so spoilt, don't you agree?

On Saturday, we three weren't talking to each other, but by Sunday afternoon, we had done 3 full turns round a massive shopping mall and the bank account was sobbing!

Skint and still smiling....only just!

6th form is not in uniform and I'm crying! So much easier when you know what to get, I say, quickly booking another suitcase for her flight home!

Last night, despite my plea's, I was still washing her clothes! Some things never change and I do secretly love the traditional last minute rush, don't tell her though will you! There's comfort and familiarity in it all.

29 years a parent! Never grows old.

I'm still not used to clothes shopping for myself and missing out on 99% of those pretty dresses, because they don't stock my size. Loosing weight and girth certainly has had its benefits!

There's also the price thing? I picked up a sweater dress in Zara for 34.99!

Not happened in a long time and you know what, shopping with the Teen was more enjoyable. We can actually now enjoy clothes together!

Finding common ground with your Teen = priceless.

H didn't have many issues finding what she wanted, she does her research well and even talked Daddy into getting a few items!

I know, miracles do happen. Now if only we can persuade him to get his hair cut and beard trimmed?

What I can't understand, is her want to buy everything oversized? It seems to be a thing these days! She steals her boyfriend's and Dads jumpers all the time and they are five times too big! She is just a walking sweater with head and feet poking out!

1 day, 9 hours till GCSE results day!

Oh my!

Good luck everyone!

Remember, these results do not define you as a person! Just keep calm and keep going!

Anyway, it was really strange seeing all the fabulous winter clothes in the shops, when it was still 30 degrees outside!


I do love the thought of jeans and jumpers again as opposed to mosi bites, sun burn, flip-flops and frizzy hair, but not so much ready to buy them, nor will I even consider bunging pumpkin spice in everything!

Not yet, please!

End of September I will go all autumn on you and end of November I might burn a Christmas spice candle but not before, okay?


Oh well, the 'back to school' thing is done now for a month or two! Two academic years left till Uni and I guess one day down the line, I will miss all this faff!

Eating out whilst shopping is always a huge drama, especially in mall food courts. I'm not the drama queen, he is. I know I can't eat gluten and it's not worth trying. He doesn't like to eat if I can't and I'd rather he did. I really don't appreciate the fuss, it makes me feel so guilty. Just eat already!

I appreciate the sentiment of course. Bless him.

Anyway, we went from food concession to food concession, asking about the gluten free options and only found one that didn't play lip service to it. The lady serving at CHIPOLTLE immediately took off her gloves, washed her hands, popped fresh gloves on, changed tongs and handed me the Allergy card.

Amen to that!

Mexican is on!

Almost brought tears to my eyes.

I hate being gluten free and I don't think I will ever get used to it, sadly. It will be equally sad to see the panic on the faces, of those wanting to entertain me in the future. That said, I will quietly feel the pounds falling off me whilst you are tucking in to that second pastry eh!

There's always an upside!

So, the Teen flies off tonight, one more family meal out and that's it till the end of October.

How time flies.....!

D x


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