Slave to summer fashion 2020

Er, not me!

More like slave to the rhythm these days! My rhythm of life is super slooooow, country and can't be arsed, mostly!


The teen and I have been scratching our heads, trying to think of when I last bought clothing and we think it was two summers ago, in readiness for my 50th birthday trip to Bahrain 2018! To be honest, I never felt the pressure in Canada as it was either leisure type layers to stave off hypothermia and nobody cared much anyway, or it was stifling hot, not much on and flip-flops! I already had enough summery bits and bobs from 2018 for 2019 anyway, but I did think once back in France I would buy a few items! COVID made me lazy, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Now I live back in Normandy and I look like a cross between 'Worsel Gummage' and a homeless bag lady! Nice eh! My standard summer dress here depending on the weather, swings between favourite rather battered leggings with a few patched holes and ugly sandals or maxi dress with anti chub rub knickers!

Don't laugh!

Okay do, but realise that curvy ladies do have actual thighs and not thigh gaps!

I do wear Vivienne Westwood rubber shoes that last me years! Might treat myself for my birthday! Oh and I do have unworn sparkly Jimmy Choo's! Lord only knows if I will ever get to wear them out!

I generally have a hat on in summer, not necessarily matching anything really, but I have ordered some pretty masks to cover up my big mouth! Who knew 2020 catwalk fashion would be all about the mask! How times have changed! Wonder if I can manage to match my mask to my hobo clothing? Hum!

The truth is since lockdown I've been rather attached to my PJ's and I'm unwilling to burst my laid back bubble right now! I don't think life outside of my garden is very exciting and may never be again!

I had a thought today whilst out and about food shopping. We've been using boring disposable masks lately as they are light and we can breathe in them, but found that we were going through them like wildfire. I bought a pack of 50 for 29 euros last week! There are four of us wearing them and if we went out more than once a day, that would at least 8 masks! I mean once they've been on and off, that's it they are done! 8 x 7 = 56 masks a week!

Oh dear. I think we need a slower form of mask fashion and soon!

I did try and be a little bit pretty on our recent chateau break, of course I did. However, I have LOCKDOWN frazzled hair which only time and leaving the box colours alone can fix. I also caught the sun and ended up a tad pinker than usual! Nothing much goes with 'sunburnt' I can assure you!

I rarely wear make up these days and my beauty routine is mainly wine or gin but hey, I'm sure you know where I am coming from? Sometimes I catch my face in the mirror and have absolutely no idea who the old, unkempt lady staring back at me is! I have to say though that Masks and lippy do not go together well! A mask stuck to ones mouth is not much of a look at all really and rather uncomfortable! Then there's morning mask breath and steamy glasses! Hard to shop when one can't actually see!

Anyway never mind post COVID fashion, Normandy fashion is more 'Farmers wife' than catwalk model and to be brutally honest I'm glad of it. I just don't care much unless I'm on show which is pretty rare these days.

The Teen loves her fashion but does use 'DEPOP' (preloved clothes) quite a lot to bag some fashion bargains which bulks out her wardrobe. Now that's my kind of 2020 fashion, posh hand me downs! Sanps for the Teens! The postal charges from Uk to France are pretty prohibitive, so she isn't spending much here thank goodness. Teens have way more disposable income than most of us '50 somethings' eh! So we just had the chat about sustainable, slow fashion and she already gets it! Doesn't need telling by an old person but had plenty to tell me about how we ruined their planet! The teens 'GET' everything way younger than we did and bless them I hope they are the 'future', because bless them they will surely pay for our mistakes!

D x


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