Slip Sliding Away........

Everything aches and I mean everything!

Had a big, dramatic fall on ice yesterday whilst viewing a house to rent! Of course I did! Then this morning, I got out of the car and 'split my difference'! You know the type of slippery dance thing one does, where one almost does the splits, but just about stays upright by using inner thighs and so on to re balance! Ouchy!

This morning it's all melting snow here topped off with sleet! In other words, TREACHEROUS! Mr UnFrench has done a great job of clearing the drive, but was a little late in plonking salt on the cleared drive, so now it's a veritable ice rink! The good new is that the temperatures are no longer in the deep minuses, it's all a bit soggy really. Always a positive somewhere, eh!

I absolutely knew I would go over on my backside at some stage, I feared it, so it kinda had to happen, but yesterday's fall was pretty spectacular by anyones standards and bonus I had our estate agent as the audience!

Fizzy, the crazy American Cocker Spaniel, simply adores snow! She bounces around in it like Zebedee! She's a real snow snuffler is Fizz! So when it was time to get back in the car, the chase was on! I finally got her into the boot after a bit of hide and seek and before I could shut the door, she was out and the tom foolery began again! She really is the 'village idiot' that dog, truly!

The second vacant house we were viewing, hadn't been cleared of snow and as I turned to try and catch Fizz for the second time, I ended up going from stood upright and proud to lying pathetically on my right hand side in the snow, or so I thought, only under the snow was very hard, thick ice. Perfect for breakages and whip lash! It happened so quickly I didn't even know why for a second or two. All those attempting to help me up were told in no uncertain terms, to leave me the hell alone! I just wanted to right myself all by myself, thank you! No fuss needed!

Hubby gallantly decided to try and help me up, but started to slip and ended up being stopped from joining me by the agent! It was a bit of a train wreck really, not funny at all! My pride was a little bruised but nothing was broken, thankfully! It just goes to show that here in Canada with the winter being so long and arduous, one is lucky to get out it in one piece or even alive! I wouldn't mind but the house viewings were very disappointing again and certainly not worth a few bumps and bruises!

The first house won the award for misdescription in the extreme!

Imagine, rolling up to the ugliest house in the world, spying the many PARKED vehicles dotted around the house. All covered in thick snow, so we knew they were a static 'feature' to this unique rental! Behind the house was a double garage and annex that was occupied by a gardening business, clearly still in business! Shocked, we re read the property details and right there in the uber small print, right at the very bottom, it said, 'certain parts of the property are not part of the rental agreement ask for details'.........ahhhhh that old chestnut! Who, for gods sake rents a property with other people coming and going at your potential front and back door! Not us!

The agent arrived and we walked reluctantly to the door, knowing the viewing wouldn't last long. A lady came out of it saying rudely we were early! We weren't, we were on time and then she tried another 'oldie but goodie' on us! 'Oh there's another family here to have a second viewing and if you don't mind they will view with you'.

My husband stoically British as per, gave her a stern look and said 'Yes actually we do mind. We can leave now if you like?'............oh dear! No messing my chap about!

The other family were asked to wait and we entered into another world of rentals entirely. It was pretty much a ruin held together by expanding yellow foam filler and the stench! Wow! We walked into the first room turned and walked back out!

This heap, well more of a shed really, was for rent for nearly 3000 dollars a month!

The market is hot and the market is dangerous! I cannot for the life of me understand how these landlords get away with it!

Oh well, onwards and upwards!

We had high hopes for the second property. The details sounded perfect and the photographs certainly were enticing. The outside was just what the dogs would order if they could and so that part didn't disappoint all at. The interiors were the big problem. Tiny rooms, a cupboard of a kitchen. Terrible bathrooms. It was all in desperate need of a lot of TLC and really we couldn't swing a cat in it. I tired as hard as I could to imagine downsizing to the bare minimum but decided it still ended 10/20k spending on it to work sadly. Who spends that on a rental?!!!

This hunt is not going well at all.

Big money for crappy rentals. That's Ontario for you!

Our agent has promised us a Christmas miracle and I really hope he can deliver! Equally and more importantly I really hope the UK passport office gets my new passport to me tout sweet, otherwise I ain't going anywhere in a few weeks time!

Today, I'm busy writing lists!

With us leaving for New York in just under four weeks (all being well), I've suddenly realized there's a lot to get done! By the time we get back it will be Christmas week, so it all needs to be done and soon!

Donna x

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