Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey they say!

The new website is growing nicely and with a great team on board, things are looking pretty good with a long way to go.

We do need more real French life bloggers to round it all out, but I know it will be a big community winner in the long term! Building a community doesn't come in an instant of course. Time will tell. Patience is a virtue and all that!

Crossing fingers and toes, that it will gather pace and become the community hub I really wanted it to be.

I'm still tweaking it, 'faffing' as I call it! 'The three amigos' are on it and we will get there eventually! It's all good.

Most folks are busy with the summer holiday visitor onslaught or outside, where they should be in this weather. So blogging about their French adventures isn't the first thing on their minds right now. Totally understandable!

Changing beds is key to survival for many right now! However, those long autumn/winter nights will be here soon enough and I look forward to reading about their summer news, sat comfortably by my log burner, glass of wine in hand.

Here we've just had a long bank holiday weekend of general over indulgence, so now I feel I've been hit by a bus twice, driven by a drunk maniac! Yuck! Luckily it's already Wednesday, short weeks I can live with!

During the weekend we played tourists and visited the Distillery District in Toronto, which was actually rather nice! I had visions of us tasting an awful lot of disgusting whisky and being rather squiffy by the end. No whisky that we could find, which is great because I'd rather drink Fairy Liquid frankly! Not even sure if I can drink whisky as a coeliac!

Anyway, the teen and I managed to spend our pocket pennies on 'stuff' we didn't need. Books, room sprays, candles, gin......! The Distillery District is a pretty area of historical significance which is very welcome. There is little in the way of historical buildings generally. Of course Canada is still fairly new unlike Europe! The few old buildings left have been repurposed and it's all boutique shops and restaurants now. I can't tell you how nice it was to get away from the very modern and walk on cobbled stone again.

Talking about Europe......yes we can talk about the' B' word here! My hubby was ordering a Range Rover part from the UK this morning. The exchange rate was pretty darn good, which made him happy for a second and me sad for the UK. All this Brexit indecision and that buffoon Boris have rather affected the economy. Jeez!

Whilst it's good news pennies wise for us here in Canada, of course, I can't help but be concerned for our families back home. No one has any clue as to what the outcome will be!

On Saturday, him and I took a drive out to find these urban beaches. They of course were packed, parking was impossible so we didn't get that near. However we could see the man made beaches well enough. Obviously no sea, but we got a taste of the never-ending lake, which to be honest has the same effect as sea and beach. You simply can't tell it's not the sea! Very strange! City, carpark, beach, on what looks very much like the sea! Plays with your mind a bit! So this weekend, we will be up with the larks to grab a spot and have a dip or two!

He wants to join a sailing club but again, being a bank holiday weekend, it was an impossible task!

The weather is impossible still. Humidity got to 89% after tropical rain! We were just dripping! The build on our door step is on going. Another 4/5 weeks they say. So nice to wake up to drilling and grinding.....!

On the home front, my eldest daughter with the mental health issues, has lost her Personal Independence Allowance PIP, being awarded nil points on review. The recommendations from the visiting officer are very at odds with the decision, so its to court we go, again.

So bloody cruel.

We all know the system is broken but honestly, I am lost for words right now.

She is loosing her home and now her finances are in dire straights and I'm here not there!

My poor Mum was in tears this morning. How can a young adult with the issues that my daughter has, be considered to have suddenly gotten better, when the reverse is true? Schizophrenia doesn't go away but often cant be seen! The DWP are quite something!

I had a lot of plans today but somehow after this news, I just can't stomach any of it.


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