Snow and Squirrel days - Where we find joy!

When the chips are down, where do we find joy in the normal?

For me, these past few weeks, it's been a very simple play, acted out by a tenacious black squirrel and my fur kids, Bertie and Fizz!

On our many walks per day, this dear little chap is ready and waiting to play bait! The dogs look for him, absolutely expecting to see him somewhere. If they could talk, I'm sure they would tell me about it!

Their lovely new friend here in Canada is a cheeky devil!

Let the chase begin!

Clever Sir squirrel knows his escape routes well and knows without a doubt he can disappear up in to the tree canopy in milliseconds, leaving the pups very frustrated. The spaniels are just not that nimble sadly!

It's all so entertaining!

The dogs work together and as Fizz appears to have a better nose for things, Bertie plays supervisor, always looking up!

The pleasure this little show gives me is priceless, also it exercises the dogs in the snow without all that tedious, shoulder wrenching ball throwing!

Tomorrow the fur darlings have a meet and greet at the kennels! I'm hoping Fizz holds it together! She's so not a fan of change, bless her. She is however a proper snow dog! Bouncing and snuffling in the white stuff all day long!

Talking about joy, despite the snow being quite difficult to do anything in, it does pretty up our surroundings somewhat. I've been walking the same dog walk route for 10 months now and just like in the movie Notting Hill, where they film Hugh Grant making the same walk past the market in different seasons.......I've seen my little piece of Canadian landscape dressed for Spring, summer, autumn and winter. The days of the dogs taking a dip in the ponds are over for a while but they still look hopefully at me! I think they'd get a shock if they tried!

We pass the fancy gardens which never see any action which is a shame really. They owners have clearly spent a fortune of having outdoor kitchens made but I have yet to ever see anyone bother with them. One garden has had a few statues erected, quite bizarre but the Elephant one sets my dogs off! They loath it!

Oddly, one never really meets the dogs of the houses as we walk by, as walking ones dog seems not to be the done thing here! Shame eh.

D x

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