Sometimes a thank you isn't enough

but it's all you got!

My mother is pretty much our family unsung heroine. She picks up the family baton when I'm not around, which is too often really!

She is 'super Nana'!

Right now she's in bed with a chest infection and in need of TLC and a bowl of my homemade soup!

I'm not there of course, but I asked my brother to ensure she gets some! Luckily he is also a good cook!

Life moves in mysterious ways, doesn't it? People come and go in our lives. I've often said that some are a blessing and some a lesson! It's all good as we are always learning, growing, getting wiser with age and experience!

This morning the news is all about the great chef Gary Rhodes, suddenly passing last night, at the tender age of 59! What a loss to the culinary world and of course his family, fans and friends. Then I got to thinking, I'm nearly 52! My birth sister died last year at the tender age of 52. The clock is ticking!

Time? You think you have it, don't you! Even more reason to make my/your French dream a reality, isn't it? No point wishing your life away!

Age, money, fame....doesn't matter, it won't save us in the end! I love that old saying 'live like you are dying'.

My dear brother just contacted me to tell me, his partner's Dad passed last night also! So sad. SO sorry for your loss Paula and family.

The loss of a parent is something I've not experienced and really never want to!

It all just makes us want to hold those we love a little closer, a little tighter. So today, there are many people in my life to thank, but my focus is on my dear Mama! I'm so thankful for the day she literally stole me and forced through my adoption, to ensure I got a normal, happy life. I thank you for everything that you do and everything that you are Mummy! You are not forgotten and you are appreciated.

I will see you soon x

D x

Daughter, Mother, sister, wife, cousin, friend...............

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