Stormy Sundays

What are Sundays for, if not for listening to the rain and the wind outside, whilst cosy and warm inside?

I declare there's nothing better.

Another cup of tea and back to bed for me. Unheard of in my past life but since journeying back to France, I find I have the will to rest. I feel I can.

It's bliss.

My chap was up at the ungodly hour of 3am this morning, banging and crashing around! Unhappy about going back to the 'snake pit' that he calls work. I get it. He's ready to stop the travelling. All I could do, was make him tea and feed him my precious Cadbury's chocolate buttons! Thats love, my way!

I've hidden most of my British chocolate stash from myself and now I can't remember where I've put them!


He thinks I've scoffed the lot!


I wished him bon voyage for the thousandth time and told him, please hurry home to me soon. I hate it. He hates it. We need to work this out once and for all.

He has literally been blown to CDG airport thanks to STORM DENNIS! Back to work he goes and my life is suddenly very quiet, too quiet. Even the dog is in a huff! Will be great to see Fizzy soon though and to know she will finally be out of kennels. It's been a long two weeks for her and us. Still, she seems to have survived and been much loved in our absence. Never quite the same as being home, I'm sure. Our little Canadian fur baby will soon be home, to start her new life on the beaches of Normandy!

In other news, Caroline Flack's suicide has upset me rather. I know it has a lot of you and I know why. On so many levels we aim to be our best selves and yet, we often fuck up. royally. It happens in an instant. Imagine, totally fucking up in the gold fish bowl that is stardom? Life destroyed in an instant!

The parasitic media waiting to pounce the minute you trip up!

We saw a talented, happy, sexy woman that appeared to have it all, brought down in an instant without even being trialled in a court of law.

We are horrified, we are shocked but we kinda expected it.

Our world is brilliantly flawed.

To err is to be human.

It's all so bloody scary.

Modern life is a festering cancer.

I live my life in my little UnFrench world and I've been lucky to escape a lot of this nonsense. I mean, to do what I do, I sell a little bit of my soul to the social media devil. I'm brutally aware of it. I try not to fall into the trap of recording my self all day long, of having to add a story selling something every five minutes, or being on every platform known to man because if I'm doing that, I'm not really living! I instead run things as organically as I can, respect the ladies that work with me and make sure we have fun and support each other. I write because that's who I am. I make no apologies for it. Readers have a choice. Read or scroll on. It's that simple. We really all need to scroll on past the salacious nonsense we are sold day in day out.

I so so love the community that is UnFrench and the camaraderie that goes with it, but every so often, we still get someone with a different agenda trying to spoil what we have.

I love writing and supporting others but I have also experienced a bit of backlash along the way. I won't forget it but I guess in the end, I'm quite a strong person and if you call me a name, I know it says more about you than me and I move on.

My Mama raised me right.

Does it hurt?

Of course it does! I lick my wounds in private and look to my group of friends for support. I pull up my big girl panties and stroll on but not everyone can!

Thank god I'm not famous, nor do I want to be. The price of fame these days is opening up your private life to minute scrutiny. Wedging open your cupboard of personal skeletons to be dragged through media hedge backwards, opinion after opinion until you are no longer a human being. You are no longer anything really. Thats how Caroline must have felt.

Nothing. Nothing left. Nothing to work for. No one loved her. Everyone dining out on her mistakes. Pointing at her as she walked down the street.

Blame, shame, stigma and hate.


Trialled by faceless cowards making a buck out of her misery.

In fact most of us don't believe the media, the hype, the lies and we certainly want the hounding of people to stop. We must demand it stops.

Beautiful and broken, they went in for the kill. They scored, the lousy life stealing bastards.

What a waste of a beautiful life.

If only her fog had cleared and she had felt the love?

We are rightly outraged. What can/will be done?

Nothing. I expect.

It could be you next or me! Thats the truth of the matter here. We are all vulnerable to making mistakes that get publicized. We can easily become the Media's next victim. I for one applaud Harry and Meghan in their stand against the hate. It really is time the Media was regulated properly.

Another thing I'm concerned about is the televising of court trials. How can that be fair? It's not. It's just trial by the media again!

We are all about visual drama these days and it doesn't even have to be true! We must continue the fight for the truth not the lies the media feeds us day after day. No wonder we are all suffering with our mental health! If its not our weight, looks, its our choices, it's our colour, race, never ends.

We have a festering sore on our planet and it needs to be blasted into oblivion!

D x

*Excuse the profanities! You know me by now! Potty mouthed, a spade, a spade and all that!

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